Surprising Positives: How Covid-19 has benefited the environment

Surprising Positives: How Covid-19 has benefited the environment

by HULA on Mar 25, 2020

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]Image result for environment and covid pollution before and after Courtesy of The Verge[/caption] Amongst the tragedy the world is currently facing with Covid-19, there have been some unexpected environmental positives. Below are some interesting facts that will hopefully make us think more about prolonging earth's time, even after COVID-19 is over. Let's hope something good can come out of this!   LESS CO2 AND POLLUTION Image result for venice water fish As industries and factories halt to a standstill the earth is noticing cleaner air, there is noticeably cleaner air seen from space and visibly cleaner water in Venice - you can apparently see fish and dolphins swim now! Seeing fewer cars on the road and less traffic, in general, has got to be a plus point too - in some countries, bike riding is on the increase.
Watch earth having a major detox these past few months on European Space Agency.
  SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL Image result for cruise ships Cruise ship holidays and plane rides are at their lowest, which is sad for the travel industry. However as much as we all love to travel, these are both fuel guzzlers (cruise ships emit masses of emissions into the sea), so perhaps we might be more conscious in the future and ask ourselves if travel is absolutely necessary (for example travelling abroad for work meetings) or make us research into more sustainable options in the future?   LOCAL FIRST Image result for LOCAL BUSINESSDue to a ban on travel and certain imports, consumers are having to shop locally and countries now require to being more self-sufficient. People are also consciously supporting local and small businesses as an effort to help them survive during this tough time. Shopping locally means less carbon footprint too and will ultimately benefit your country as a whole economically.   ENDING ANIMAL CRUELTY Image result for wildlife market Since knowing the cause of the virus, some drastic changes need to happen; stricter measures to ban illegal wildlife markets and a more throughout look into animal farming. We are all now aware that when animals are stressed, from say being hunted, their immune system can change and create new diseases if crossed with another living organism. This could mean a whole generation being turned off eating meat or using animals for other means such as traditional medicines.   Read the full article on Eco Hustler