IWD2020: Sarah Garner, Founder & CEO of Retykle

IWD2020: Sarah Garner, Founder & CEO of Retykle

by HULA on Mar 20, 2020

March 8 marked a momentums day for women all across the world. This day we celebrate the progress women have made, against all social currents and odds, throughout the last hundred of years till now. While we think it is 100% necessary to celebrate the fruits of all waves of feminism, it is important to not lose sight of the long journey ahead of us, in search for fairness, justice and equality. To celebrate this we are highlighting some amazing women in Hong Kong. This week we’re honoured to introduce Founder and CEO of Retykle, Sarah Garner — a local entrepreneur who strives to create a circular fashion economy with pre-loved designer kids and maternity fashion.

  [caption id="attachment_9492" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Sarah Garner (@retykle) wearing Victoria Beckham from HULA[/caption]


I'm the Founder of Retykle, a resale platform for kids & maternity fashion. I worked in luxury fashion for over 10 years and I wanted to apply my experience to a side of the industry with purpose and positive impact. Retykle (a mash-up of Recycle + Tyke) was born out of personally facing the problem of hundreds of items of outgrown clothes with my first child and I wanted to create shared value by recirculating those perfectly useful items to other families. A constant wardrobe rotation is a universal problem for parents and our team is passionate about creating a circular and sustainable solution whereby we eliminate waste associated with kids growth stages all together. My hope is that something as simple as getting dressed can also be a family philosophy about how we consume.  


To me, female empowerment is synonymous with opportunity and equality. As women, we encounter a lot of gender bias throughout our lives and I hope for a future whereby my daughter won't have to fight for these basic rights and that the world will be largely gender blind when it comes to opportunity & equality in the years to come.  


After becoming a mother, I think there's a strong sense that we belong to a collective around a shared experience and carry a duty to make the lives of other mothers easier - we all want to share what makes the experience easier. It's an innate pay it forward. I created Retykle to enable mother's to share with one another efficiently and effortlessly to allow them to spend time on what's most meaningful to them all while producing a positive outcome for the environment, thereby their kids future.  


I feel most powerful in a fitted architectural style dress or pantsuit. I like to embrace my femininity while also showing confidence. I recently picked up a Victoria Beckham stretch knitted dress from HULA which matches my style perfectly. For a casual style, I love a jumpsuit to feel pulled together with minimal effort. Check out Sarah's top picks:
Marni | FR 38 Tom Ford Christian Louboutin | Eu35.5

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