3 Street Style Trends to Match Your Staple Shoulder Bags

3 Street Style Trends to Match Your Staple Shoulder Bags

by Central HULA on Aug 08, 2023

In an era with endless options and ever evolving trends, it’s vital to have a staple shoulder bag to suit any occasion. A bag that fits everything you need, is stylish, and can be paired with any outfit… What more do you need?!


#1 Monogram x Loose Fitting Shirt 

The key here is balance, try pairing an eye-catching monogram bag with a minimalist outfit. We have been loving the Italian summer energy or the casual out-and-about city girl vibe this summer. Paired with simple wardrobe essentials like a loose-fitting linen shirt or a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black shades, the bag will bring a level of effortless elegance perfect for any spring or summer day. 



Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag 
Louis Vuitton Cerise Monogram Canvas BB Pallas Bag
Louis Vuitton Brown Monogram Tivoli Bag
Zadig & Voltaire Shirt
Zimmermann Shorts
Celine Sunglasses


#2 Neutrals with a Pop of Red

If you’re looking for something bold yet casual, accessories are your best friend. Make your outfit pop with a bright coloured bag and pair it with toned down neutral tones like blue and gray.

Pro tip: Find another accessory that matches the color of your bag to tie the look together.



Celine Shoulder Bag
Saint Laurent Shopping Tote
Chanel Chain Wallet Bag
Dolce & Gabbana Jeans
Ganni Blazer Jacket
Hermès Bracelet


 #3 - B&W Contrast

For days when you want to keep things simple, a monochromatic look paired with your favorite black bag is the way to go. Although an all black look never fails, bringing in some brightness with a white pair of pants or blouse allows each piece of your outfit to shine.



Saint Laurent Shopping Bag
Chanel Shoulder Flap Bag
Chanel Large Tote Bag
Miu Miu Jeans
Philosophy Top
Jil Sander Heels