Restyling Staples with Kitdo and Denise Ho

Restyling Staples with Kitdo and Denise Ho

by Central HULA on Aug 10, 2023

One easy way to reduce your fashion footprint is to restyle the clothes you already own. Getting creative with what's in your closet is better for the environment and your wallet. You can combine items in new ways, take clothes to a tailor for alterations, or add unique accessories to update old outfits.


Did you know on average, we only wear our clothes 7 times before we throw it away? If we keep our clothing 9 more months we save 50% carbon emissions and demand for the consumption of resources. Small changes like restyling make a difference. 

Shirts and scarves are adored by everyone for their versatility, suitability and the best air-con room essential for a city like Hong Kong. We are very excited to have one of our &CO. partners- Denise Ho, founder of Kitdo and fashion stylist, to host a restyling workshop at our Quarry Bay warehouse and teach us how to take our existing wardrobe out of the norm and create newness by rethinking and restyling.


Kitdo Restyling Masterclass by Denise Ho at HULA Warehouse


Denise designed and developed this magnetic styling accessory after getting the idea while working with her clients. Having styled for years, she has ruined lots of samples by using safety pins on set. That inspired her to create this innovative and stunning masterpiece. Keep on reading this highlight guide to discover some of the restyling techniques introduced by Kitdo. 


Looping your fabrics through Kitdo to create folds, cinches and pleats in new places Simply sandwich it like a brooch 


With practice, you can achieve mastery. Once you become adept at manipulating and folding your shirt, the added benefit of a powerful magnet comes into play. This magnet securely holds the fabrics in place, enabling you to explore boundless new styles without growing tired of a single shirt.


Pulling the hem through the two separate pieces to create two knots



Transforming the typical scarf worn around the neck into a front with an open back style makes styling weekend staycation outfits a breeze. 






Who says you can't rock two shirts simultaneously? By combining one side of each shirt together using buttons, and tying up each sleeve with a Kitdo accessory, you can effortlessly achieve an avant-garde look. The key of this technique is finding the right harmony of colour tone that complement each other well.

Hermès Pink cotton button-front shirt Hermès Dusty Blue cotton button-front shirt


With some imagination, creativity and the hand of Kitdo, it just got easier to keep your wardrobe versatile and fun. Inspired by this workshop, we have specially curated a range of restyling staples that encompass an array of basic yet sophisticated shirts and scarves.

Check out the collection here