NOOCI: Where TCM Meets Innovation and Enjoyable Flavours

NOOCI: Where TCM Meets Innovation and Enjoyable Flavours

by Central HULA on Oct 12, 2023

When people think of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), they often associate it with its unpleasant and bitter taste. However, NOOCI, derived from the term "nu qi" meaning female energy, challenges this stereotype by delivering the incredible benefits of Chinese herbs while offering a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

We are thrilled to have Stephanie Tan, the visionary behind the wellness brand NOOCI, as one of our &CO. Body + Mind featured brands this October.


"During the whole process, I thought of every woman who has been instrumental in my life – and my hope is that these products can support their health as much as all the amazing people have supported me all these years." -Stephanie Tan 


Stephanie's motivation to transform TCM originated from her own experiences and family influences. Witnessing her grandparents' habit of herb-boiling, which often left an unpleasant smell and residue, intrigued Stephanie to seek alternative approaches.

During the challenging early days of the global pandemic, she was pregnant with her second child and feeling anxious and sleep-deprived while suffering horrible nasal allergies. Not wanting to take too many over the counter medications, Stephanie turned to TCM at the recommendation of her friends. As she started doing more research, she realised the healing power of the herbs and the benefits that could be unlocked if certain herbs were formulated and mixed with others. 


 ReNoo Women’s Longevity, Noo Moon Menstrual
Support and Noo Air Nasal Relief

NOOCI stands apart by prioritising transparency and accessibility. The brand's website and packaging serve as a treasure trove of information, offering detailed insights into the herbs and supplements present in each product. Customers can explore the origins of these remarkable ingredients and discover their extraordinary benefits. And let's not forget to mention that NOOCI is a haven for vegans, entirely free from GMOs. Crafted with meticulous care in Japan, NOOCI's herbal goodies are available in both pill and powder forms, providing convenience and versatility to suit diverse preferences and lifestyles.


ReNoo, NOOCI's signature product, aims to enhance overall well-being. It features a blend of fermented brown rice, soybeans, cinnamon, barley grass, and vitamin C. Surprisingly, when prepared with hot water, it delights with its pleasantly mild green tea flavour which pairs well with various beverages like matcha latte and mocha!

Noo Moon is specially formulated with Japanese ingredients such as ginseng, jujube, and ginger, working harmoniously to alleviate menstrual symptoms and promote blood circulation.

Noo Air can  solve your nasal congestion and alleviate reaction to common allergens immediately- with just 3 all-natural ingredients: mint, perilla leaf, reishi mushroom.


Visit us at HULA Quarry Bay to sample their signature ReNoo sachet and discover more about our &CO. Body + Mind concept pop-up this October!