&CO. Oct Wellness Panel 'How To Be Well'

&CO. Oct Wellness Panel 'How To Be Well'

by Central HULA on Oct 06, 2023

Being a female wellness entrepreneur in the midst of a hectic season in Hong Kong can be both exhilarating and challenging. Balancing the demands of running a business while prioritising personal well-being requires intentional and strategic approaches.

We are pleased to have the founders and co-founders of each featured brands (SOL, Caelum Greene, NOOCI, Shroommate and INUF) of &CO. Body + Mind for our wellness brunch discussion 'How To Be Well' moderated by Christina Ko, founder of content and wellness studio Good Peoples this Thursday afternoon. We delved into the various forms of wellness that these inspiring female entrepreneurs embody, which they generously shared their insightful tips and ideas on how they navigate their business journey into health and wellness. Thank you for all of you who have attended!


'How To Be Well' Panel Discussion

Sarah Fung (HULA) with Founders Lois (SOL), Charlotte (Caelum Greene), Stephanie (NOOCI), Vivien (co-founder Shroommate), Olive (INUF) and Christina Ko (left to right)


Founders and Co-founders: 

Lois, founder of SOL Vivien, co-founder of Shroommate
Stephanie, founder of NOOCI Charlotte, founder of Caelum Greene

















Olive, founder of INUF

Our Guests:

Sarah Fung with yoga instructors¬†OceŐĀane Lao ,¬†Meagan Chung,¬† Delia Leung,¬† Vanessa Finotti Mendes


Beauty and Fashion Influencer Karen Yeung

Linda Morrisone and Nassim Secci from The Happy Space.

Yoga/ Meditation Instructor Natalie Soderstrom & Fitness Trainer/ Influencer Utah Lee

Sarah Fung and Alix Lefebvre from HK Tatler

Steph Miu from SCMP

Olive Wong , founder of INUF and Ada Lo from Hashtag Legend

Debra Hu with Vivien Wong, co-founder of Shroommate and Hana Wong From INUF

Ada Lo, Jhoshwa Ledesma Gomez from Gafencu Magazine and Utah Lee.

Antonia Da Cruz, Delia Leung, Stephanie Tan and Charlotte Tsuei

At &CO. by HULA, we wholeheartedly embrace the significance of self-care and wellness, just as much as we prioritise sustainability. We truly believe that it lays the groundwork for ultimate success. That's why we're excited to share our curated lineup of wellness events designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. These events are more than just a break from your bustling workday; they're an opportunity to pause, breathe, and delve into the world of self-care. So come, rejuvenate, and embrace the uplifting power of community as you embark on this transformative wellness journey with us!