Best sustainable cafes & restaurants around our Soho neighbourhood

Best sustainable cafes & restaurants around our Soho neighbourhood

by Central HULA on Mar 21, 2023

We can all contribute to protecting the planet by reducing waste and committing to sustainable practices, whether it’s buying preloved clothing or consuming eco-friendly products, did you know that you can also dine out without contributing to the landfill? 

This week we are sharing four sustainable cafe & restaurant recommendations around our neighbourhood in the heart of eclectic, historical Hollywood Road in Central. Ranging from cute bubble tea shops to high-end vegan restaurants, you're bound to find something to satisfy your hunger after a shopping spree.


1. Fresca


Located right next to our shop, Fresca is a cozy, stylish cafe that's all about healthy eating! Their fresh soups and salads are perfect for busy Hong Kongers who need a quick bite or a veggie boost while reducing their impact on nature. Their bakery also offers a great selection of gluten-free sweet treats and cakes. The best part is that Fresca’s vegetarian-vegan menu changes every day, so if you are always around the neighborhood, you can never get bored of their menu with specials like Sichuan veggies with soy chicken, blackcurrant-blueberry-carrot muffins, and tofu skins with celery.


Address: 54a號 Hollywood Rd, Central 

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 5pm


2. Penicillin

As the city’s first ‘closed-loop cycle’ bar located on the Hollywood Road, Penicillin has won multiple awards, including the Sustainable Bar Award and placed 22nd in Asia’s 50 Best Bars. They aim to create drinks with an eco-friendly twist that will not only cure any cocktail fix but also address the bar industry's stance on sustainability. There's a lab, bar, kitchen, and fermentation room on site, all focused on upcycling and recycling waste ingredients.

One of our favorite go-to is definitely their signature, Penicillin, which is made with honey, lemon, ginger, a strong dose of Scotch, and a splash of smoky Islay whisky.


Address: L/G Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Road, Central

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 5pm - 2am ; Sunday 5pm - 12am


3. Mother Pearl


There is no shortage of choices in Hong Kong when it comes to bubble tea. But is there anything better than boba without feeling guilty? 

On the bustling upper stretch of Lyndhurst Terrace in Central, this boba tea house is sure to catch your eye with its Instagrammable sandstone and moody green-toned interior and aesthetically pleasing menu. Their dedication to sustainability shines through their mission to increase environmental and health awareness with their handcrafted nutritious plant-based 'mylk' made from oats and nuts as milk substitutes, without losing the richness of flavors and creaminess. 

You also wouldn't want to miss their gourmet bites, such as matcha granola bars made with goodness like goji berries and pumpkin seeds, vegan mozzarella and cream cheese scones.


Address: 25 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am - 8pm


4. Ma… and The Seeds of Life

You wouldn't want to miss Ma... and The Seeds of Life if you're looking for a high-end restaurant. This plant-based restaurant explores vegan dining to a whole new level which specializes in raw food and sources locally grown, organic ingredients to reduce its carbon footprint. Their menu features a variety of creative cuisine, as well as a selection of vegan and low-alcohol wines.

Make sure you try their desserts, their cheesecakes made with fermented nut cheese seasoned with the zest of passion fruit or lychee rose are definitely something you'll never forget.



Address: Shop no.11, 1/F, H18 CONET, 23 Graham Street, Central

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm - 10pm


5. Treehouse

Located at H Code and BaseHall in Central, the friendly grab-and-go concept and all-day diner not only touted a chef-forward menu of plant-based dishes, but also featured an impressive high tech sustainable fit-out as well with a range of recycling bins and a composting station for food waste. Their flatbreads, plant-based burgers, raw vegan cakes and cold-pressed juices are popular among vegan or non-vegan alike. It's probably best to avoid office peak lunch hours if you wish to eat in during weekdays.



Address: Shop 1, H Code, 45 Pottinger St, Central

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:30am - 9:30pm



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