What To Wear For Easter Holiday and Spring Ahead

What To Wear For Easter Holiday and Spring Ahead

by Central HULA on Apr 07, 2023

Wearing colors during the Easter holiday is a great way to celebrate the season and add a spring touch to your outfits. It's also symbolizes a time of rebirth and renewal, and what better way to celebrate than by incorporating springtime hues into your wardrobe? 

There are several colors that are traditionally associated with Easter, which can be incorporated into your holiday outfits. Here are some popular outfit colors to celebrate and get creative with the season! 


Soft/ Pastel Colour: Pink

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Spring into Easter with a touch of pink! Whether you prefer a head-to-toe pink look or just a pop of pink in your outfit, it embrace the beauty of the season with this soft and feminine hue. For a classic look, try pairing a pink dress or skirt with a white blouse and nude heels. If you prefer a more casual outfit, opt for a pink sweater or cardigan paired with jeans and flats.

Fun activities idea: Host a pink-themed Easter brunch and serve pink cocktails, pink pancakes, and other pink-themed dishes!

Outfits for you

Gianvito Rossi Alexander Wang Hermès
 Christian Dior Marni Chanel



2. Bright/ Bold Colour: Orange

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Who needs pastels when you can stand out in bright and bold orange this Easter? However, it's important to choose a shade that complements your skin tone and personal style. Bright, bold oranges work well for those with warm undertones, while softer, pastel oranges look great on cooler skin tones. To balance out the outfit if it looks too bold, it's best to pair it with neutral colors like white, beige, or black to prevent it from looking too overwhelming!

Fun activities idea: Show off some orange-colored cocktails at your Easter brunch or dinners such as mimosas or pornstar martinis!


Outfits for you

Balenciaga Loewe Pleats Please Issey Miyake
Shanghai Tang Alex Perry Hermès


3. Springtime Colour: Yellow

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Yellow is a color that is often associated with spring, as it mimics the bright and sunny days of the season. It also complements well other springtime colors like green, pink, and blue. From flowy sundresses to tailored suits, it can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion so consider the level of formality of your celebration and choose an outfit that fits the dress code!

Fun idea: Add pops of yellow to your Easter decorations, such as yellow flowers or balloons, to create a cheerful and festive vibes!


Hermès Nicholas  Bettina Vermillon
Ganni Salvatore Ferragamo Celine


Ultimately, wearing colors during the Easter holiday is a fun and festive way to celebrate the season! So embrace your favorite colors and styles, and have fun experimenting with different outfit combinations to create the perfect Easter look!