Introducing &CO.: HULA's New Sustainable Retail Experience

Introducing &CO.: HULA's New Sustainable Retail Experience

by Central HULA on Jun 27, 2023

HULA is proud to announce the launch of our new, transformative retail experience – &CO.! Besides showcasing thousands of preloved garments at our 4,000 sq ft. Quarry Bay warehouse, the space will showcase a rotation of sustainable brands hand-selected by us. This new project is all about inspiration, education, and engagement. From fashion, lifestyle, beauty and wellness, we want to highlight businesses that treasure social and environmental sustainability at the core of their practices. Alongside having concept store-styled pop-ups, get ready to be immersed in workshops, seminars, and demos hosted by the brands. With a new monthly theme comes new featured brands, so there is always something fresh and fun going on. 

We’re kicking it off with ‘The 4 R’s’ – Resale, Rent, Recycle & Restyle. With hundreds of billions of garments being pumped out by factories yearly, clothing production simultaneously consumes the Earth’s scarce resources and pollutes our waters, air, and land. UNEP says the fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Our curated selection of innovative brands showcases the framework in practice and provides a glimpse into fashion’s bright and sustainable future. 

Style Carousel – RENT


With 39% of Hong Kongers throwing away their clothes after a single use, it sparked an idea within the founders of Style Carousel to combat this wasteful reality. Surrounded by successful women with endless occasions to attend and overflowing designer closets, yet nothing to wear, they created the Netflix of luxury style where women can sustainably book, buy and preloved clothing on-demand. They are a circular fashion business working with verified lenders who help prolong the life of fashion pieces, from dresses to bags and accessories. Their platform provides an all-access experience that enables members to book from thousands of curated designer labels, boutiques, and emerging designers for an exclusive price. 

At the &CO. pop-up, shoppers can come, discover and try on Style Carousel’s exclusive collections or book an appointment with a stylist for the ultimate showroom experience. Instead of needing to ship returns, the pop-up will offer a new drop-off and pick-up location for the convenience of customers. 



The Hong Kong-based sustainable footwear brand is bridging the worlds of art, sustainability and fashion through wearable art. Launched in 2020, KIBO was born to give waste new hope. Environmental and social sustainability are at the forefront of the brand’s concerns. The founders, Natalie and Simon, were determined to minimize waste, so they decided to start a brand that was different – a brand whose products weren’t just for show but had real purpose and positively impacted the planet and its people.

Their shoes use apple leather, a Biobased product recycled from the waste of Apples used in the juicing industry. After the waste is reduced into a powder, it is processed with other natural plant fibres to be then bonded onto a plant material base. KIBO rescues scrap canvas and leather and transforms them into elevated materials that allow their shoes to be stylish, comfortable, and sustainable as possible. Leather scraps are transformed into a new type of leather after it has been ground into a new fibre and combined with other eco-friendly materials, making it lighter and more durable than full-grain leather. Factory scraps are processed into new fibres woven into a new fabric that feels brand new. Kibo also turns plastic waste, such as discarded plastic water bottles, into polyester fibre knitted into all of Kibo’s shoelaces and shoe lining. They maximize comfort and support through their insoles made of natural cork, padded with a dual-density foam, keeping it anti-bacterial, anti-odour and sweat-wicking for those long days. 




As a community of creators, designers, and entrepreneurs paving the way for sustainable elegance, The Future Rocks exemplify the new generation of future-forward jewellery. Their designers and collaborators span the globe, united in their shared vision of conscious luxury that marries scientific innovation, conscious creation and human craftsmanship. Aside from recycled metals rescued from discarded electronics, their designs also utilize lab-grown stones that offer endless opportunities to experiment with different cuts, styles, and unprecedented designs that cannot always be achieved with natural stones.



With the average person only wearing 10-20% of their wardrobe and the fashion industry accounting for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, expected to rise by 60% by 2030, overconsumption exists at a macro and micro level. But Hong Kong-based stylist, Denise Ho, has pioneered a solution. Backed by over eight years in the sustainable fashion scene, she has redefined the concept of newness through Kitdo. Kitdo provides chic and functional solutions to restyle one’s existing wardrobe pieces rather than participating in the cycle of waste creation and compulsive buying.

The lightweight, two-piece magnetic clip made with environmentally friendly materials gives customers the same fix as buying new without compromising the planet. Kitdo allows you to be your sustainable stylist by creating new textures and shapes with your current clothing. Inspired by the 80s tee tie and the fashion stylists’ kit, Kitdo is individually crafted to the organic shape of hag stones, making each piece one of a kind. After shaving each Kitdo, the aluminium is finished with an innovative, sustainable high-shine coating process known as PVD. The result – available in gold or silver to pair effortlessly with any colour in your wardrobe – is a long-lasting piece you’ll want to use for any occasion.

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