HULA's Top Brands & Their Big 2022 Moments

HULA's Top Brands & Their Big 2022 Moments

by Central HULA on Jan 07, 2023

Here are our TOP 4 Brands of 2022. We have rounded up the key happenings of each brand and product highlights for you to shop now!


2022 continued to showcase to constant demand and desire for Chanel pieces. Their luxury status has risen off the charts, with shoppers trying to get their hands on a coveted bags - even with those rising prices. 

“A story of creative encounters established over the past three years”, marked Chanel’s first-ever show in Africa, it celebrates Senegal's cultural and creative talents of Senegalese artisans.

Creative director Virginie Viard infused the runway with a profusion of vibrant colours and motifs inspired by the '70s.  Blending with Chanel’s emblematic elements such as camellias, intertwined pearls, abundant jewelled buttons  and dazzling sequins. Embodying the unbounded spirit and jubilant femininity of the “pop-soul-funk-disco-punk” of the era. 




Gucci been a pioneer in the fashion industry over the last few years, with Alessandro Michele taking the brand to new levels. They had many notable moments, but our favourite was the Twinsburg show in Milan. 

Inspired by the designer Alessandro Michele’s mother and her identical twin sister, he has always been fascinated by the “magic” of twinships. He challenged the cathartic idea for things that seem to reflect themselves – that duplication of clothes shouldn't mean the loss of originality/ individuality.

With the brilliantly cast 68 sets of twins for the show, singular models walked the runway before a wall was lifted to reveal their identical twin across the aisle. The collection alluded to biology playing a major role in the creation of twins, with vibrant floral prints on accessories and animal imagery on jewellery. There has been nothing else in fashion quite like it before for sure.





"Victory is a State of Mind" created immense buzz around the globe. Captured by the renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz, The two world class athletes, Ronaldo and Messi merge their legacy as icons by playing chess on Louis Vuitton's Damier attaché case for the latest LV campaign. This has been appointed the “picture of the century” by social media. A nod to the FIFA World Cup, Louis Vuitton has crafted the World Cup 2022 trophy trunk which was seen at the opening ceremony to celebrate its expertise and artistry.   




Saint Laurent ambassadors Rose from BLACKPINK, Hailey Bieber and Zoë Kravitz were seen carrying the maxi Saint Laurent’s quilted Icare tote over the summer 2022. Thanks to its fit-your-life-in capacity size, it’s the perfect city bag to go with your everyday day to night look and has undeniably become the ultimate street style for every IT girls (and guys). It embodies Saint Laurent's elegant designs, modest but emphatic in their references to streetwear and logomania.