HULA created their own versions of 'Brand Sanitisers' for fun

HULA created their own versions of 'Brand Sanitisers' for fun

by HULA on Mar 31, 2020

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As felt across the world, hand sanitisers have unfortunately become one of the most sought after commodities. LVMH recently used their perfume production lines to produce hand sanitisers in a matter of days to help tackle the shortage of anti-viral remedies across France - bravo LVMH! Hand Sanitisers may become a permanent fixture in our everyday lives, even after COVID-19 is over, as we all consciously live a more germ-free life.  Between self-quarantine and working from home, we at HULA were pondering - What would other branded hand sanitisers look like in the future?!  So, we decided to get creative on our own versions of 'Brand Sanitisers*'

*Please be advised that these are 100% fictional and are only created as a satirical joke to alleviate quarantine boredom. Please stay home, wash your hands and don't overuse precious medical supplies.    Germlèss, by Hermès Like many luxury fashion brands, Hermès has now dipped its toes into the cosmetic industry game. Inspired by its luxurious lipstick tube, we envision its protection cap to be magnetic and give a highly satisfying click when you close it. It would, of course, come in two different versions, one in "Birkin buckle brass" and another one in 18K white gold. These would surely be passed on for generations to come (the solution inside might not last as long though - duh!).   Hands Off My Touchie, by Gucci What's a classic Gucci design without the staple GG canvas and the red green belt? We're refreshing the vintage Gucci design with Alessandra Michele's GG logo to keep it contemporary. We can picture it now.... the sun's out, the vibe is 70's and a hot model with long hair is pulling this bottle out from their coveted Gucci Supreme bag... nice!   Off-Virus, by Off-White Probably the only brand to keep you from losing street-cred for pumping a hand sanitiser- LOL! We think this brand-sanitiser could also inspire some serious songwriting; for anyone wishing to get Rap-lyrical. Off-White's creator Virgil Abloh hopes to create cultural conversation and "ironic detachment" with the use of quotation marks on seemingly innocuous words, but we just want to let you know, explicitly, that this is indeed a "hand sanitiser".   Coco Co-Rid, by Chanel Headline reads: Chanel Combats COVID with CoRid! Quilted. Quilt. Quilting. It's gotta be Chanel. The pump would probably be in black lambskin leather with its usual silver or gold hardware and perhaps a spin-off with a 2.55 Chanel buckle. You would want to recycle this one in your bathroom for sure!   Come Clean Baby, by Miu Miu Playful, feminine, eccentric - we've used Miu Miu's signature colours and style to create its brand sanitiser. We thought it would be appropriate to keep the popular carry-on hand sanitiser design as it was cute and sporty but infuse it with some Miu Miu-esk retro elements.  Now you can come clean in style baby!