Gift Guide 2023: Our Team's #HolidayWishList

Gift Guide 2023: Our Team's #HolidayWishList

by HULA Operations on Nov 15, 2023

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, welcome to our highly anticipated HULA Holiday Gift Guide! Today we have invited our wonderful staff, who are passionate about all things gifting- Clinton ( Retail Operations & Consultant), Mariangiola (E-commerce and Marketing Senior Manager) and me, Tiffany (Marketing and Content Manager) to handpick five items from their #HolidayWishList (with a little self-gifting in mind). Although the variety of price points to choose from in this mix is from $1,000HKD to $20,000HKD, I’m telling you—these products will sell quickly, especially as we get closer to the holidays. 

Keep scrolling to shop the editor-approved fashion gifts that even the pickiest loved one will adore this season.


"For special occasions- this Hermes bling cuff in navy. Classic navy croc combined with the edgy silver studs for a fab, have-forever piece." -Clinton 

"LOVE this Hermes chain which I would wear wrapped around my wrist twice..beautiful links with nice weight and presence and works perfectly with an antique fob chain for a perfect "wrist mess" for daily wear." -Clinton 

"These Gucci sunnies are pretty self explanatory, beautiful full frame and dark glass for beach side protection and glam arm detail!" -Clinton

"How have I survived a winter without these? Amazing soft leather, animal printed, with a concealed wrist zipper for a lean, elegant fit." - Clinton

"Last but definitely not least, if the Christmas kitty stretches this far, the Dior Crossbody saddle bag means I've definitely been a good boy!" - Clinton

"This pair of sandals are so cool! They perfectly match my style, very classic and simple but still they are very recognisable, who doesn’t know these sandals!" - Mariangiola


"I love these pairs of earrings, even if the shape is branded I found them really elegant (I don’t like to show brand logos on my outfit). I always have a pair of gold earrings because I believe they can fit any occasion." - Mariangiola


"This necklace is the perfect gift for my mum, she loves Chanel! And it’s a very iconic piece which fits all styles, from an elegant dinner to work day. It’s the classic piece I would steal from my mum! We always share our pieces." - Mariangiola

"This bag is perfect for an event or an elegant date! It’s really unique and it fits all my black dresses. It’s a piece of art!" - Mariangiola


"This skirt is a must have since it can be used in any occasion, from work til evening. It’s perfect with my white shirts, I can not have this piece in my wardrobe!" - Mariangiola



"My favourite jewelry brand for my bestie because she deserves nothing but the best. This heart bracelet is just the sentimental one for our enduring and precious friendship." - Tiffany 



"For my boyfriend, because he has lost his wallet twice last year so hopefully he can take better care of it because he simply can’t just lose another one again especially from me." - Tiffany

"I have been eyeing on this gorgeous Chanel necklace for a while now. I love the pearl details and how lowkey the Chanel logo is. I believe the four leaves lucky charm would bring me good luck!" - Tiffany


"I would love my sweetest mum to have this wallet because she loves collecting Chanel SLG. This is just a gorgeous piece to add to her collection." - Tiffany

"My dad doesn’t really dress formally anymore so this would be a good pick as it is giving sporty casual but still classy. Belt is just always the safest option for its practicality and ability to elevate his lazy look." - Tiffany


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