5 Street Style Trends to Try From Paris Couture Week

5 Street Style Trends to Try From Paris Couture Week

by HULA on Jul 21, 2021

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With Paris Couture Week 2021, comes many stunning street style outfits. Here, we have compiled our top 5 favourite trends from Paris Couture Week 2021. From “Patterns patterns patterns” to “Model Off Duty”, see which trends were our favourite and how you can recreate them (sustainably of course)!


Patterns, patterns, patterns

Whether it’s patterns on patterns or just a pop of pattern, patterns were definitely in this couture week! Our three favourite combos were patterned sets, mix and matched patterns and a statement patterned top. It’s super easy to match any patterned top with a pair of plain white bottoms to really let the top shine. After all, who doesn’t love a bold statement piece? For our fellow drama-lovers, our suggestion would be "go big or go home" -- try to layer prints of similar colour palettes to maximise that stylish loudness. Here’s our guide to mixing and matching patterns all year long or more on styling checkered pants
Escada Preen by Thornton Self-Portrait
Jacquemus Dries Van Noten Fendi

50 Shades of Green

If you haven’t noticed - the hottest colour this season is green. From lime green to emerald green to bright green, every shade of green imaginable was on display. Not a fan of the monochrome? Pair it with bubble gum pink to inject even more life into your outfit. Want it keep it classy? Pair the zesty green with brown instead to imitate nature like Bottega Veneta did with their latest colour palette. 
Lanvin Yves Saint Laurent Wandler
Longchamp Paris Sandro Delvaux

Suit up for that “model off-duty” look

Regular person or model off-duty? No one will be able to tell if you suit up or pop an oversized blazer over your fit! Think Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Liu Wen, who all effortlessly rocked the closet staple (but in XXL) one runway show after another. Pair an oversized blazer or a suit set with a little top handle bag and a pair of sunglasses to finish the look. Here are some “model off duty” looks from Paris Couture Week that we absolutely loved. Not ready to spend thousands on a plain blazer? We got your back.
Céline Gucci Prada
Paul Smith Diane Von Furstenberg Miu Miu

Scarves galore

One of the trendiest accessories right now are scarves. They’re so versatile and can be tied around the handle of your purse, worn as a belt, worn as a head accessory and so much more! If you thought scarves were a thing of summer, then we would politely ask you to reconsider. Wrap it over your blazer like above to create interesting layers. For a windy day, fold it in half diagonally to create a big triangle and tie the two ends to recreate the 50s head scarf look. Here are a few inspo pics from couture week of how you can style them. Can't get enough of scarves? See here for different ways to fully utilise your silky best friend.
Shanghai Tang Celine Hermès
Salvatore Ferragamo Hermès  Gucci

Little shirt, big pants girls

Inspired by skaters and hip hop artists and later popularized by celebs like TLC, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne in the 90’s little shirts and big pants seemed to be a thing this couture week. Resurrected by TikTokers and Gen Zs, crop tops and baggy bottoms are once again making an appearance in the hottest fashion shows. For those who are after the "legs for days" look, a crop top and baggy pants can instantly change up the look of your body proportions -- accentuating your waist as well as elongating the legs.
D&G Miu Miu Ellery
Miu Miu Marc Jacobs Vetements