What the HULA Team Will Be Wearing to Welcome in 2021

What the HULA Team Will Be Wearing to Welcome in 2021

by HULA on Dec 25, 2020

HULA Team from Left to Right: Natalie, Ulianna, Donny, Sarah, Maevie, Daisy, Dani, Alice & Fernanda.   [caption id="attachment_13179" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Ring: Chanel; Top: Zimmermann; Pants: Paper; Heels: Aquazurra; Clutch: Prada[/caption]  

Sarah, CEO & Founder

I'll be spending this New Years Eve getting excited about how much better 2021 is going to be (!) and our fantasy travel plans to far-distant lands. I selected this outfit as am often drawn to a Boho vibe, yet on the other hand, I really like structure and volume. This shirt by Zimmerman is the perfect Boho blouse; it screams Autumn and matches well with these leafy Aquazurra sandals and cute Prada clutch with tassel. The whole look gets festive with these cool metallic red shorts by Paper - cinched at the waist, adding volume (to make my waist and legs look skinnier! ;). This is also very Eastern-inspired, one of my all-time fav looks (so popular it was revived almost every decade since its first appearance in the 1920s). I have a thing for vintage jewellery too, so I added this chunky Chanel ring to add a bit of bling - it is new year's eve after all!     [caption id="attachment_13176" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Top: Isa Arfen; Necklace: Chanel; Bag: Chanel; Heels: YSL; Pants: Rag & Bone[/caption]  

Dani, Head of External Sales

The end of 2020 calls for celebration, and that's reason enough for me to get dressed up with my husband to ring in the new year at home. I’ll be lounging in my super soft lamb skin Rag & Bone leather pants, festive colour blocking Isa Arfen top, Chanel necklace and bare feet. If we venture out (unlikely...lol... thanks covid), I’ll wear my fave heels for dancing the YSL Tribute pump (so comfy) and an easy cross-body Chanel WOC. Happy NYE everyone! xoxo     [caption id="attachment_13175" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Cropped Blazer: Jil Sander; Dress: Jourden; Necklace: Chanel; Mules: Miu Miu; Clutch: Perrin Paris[/caption]  

Daisy, Fashion Manager

Baby blue has always been my favourite and so is Christmas: cakes and candles, mince pie and mulled wine with a magic touch of crooners and sparkles - isn't it the most wonderful time of the year? Keeping warm with a mix of playfulness and femininity will do me well during the festive season; dresses are also easy yet perfect for partygoers like me!   [caption id="attachment_13184" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Scarf: Hermès; Dress: Valentino; Clutch: Miu Miu; Earrings: Pomellato; Heels: Moschino[/caption]  

Natalie, Marketing and Event Manager

I think I finally understood why the Roaring 20s happened... After a year of wearing mediocre and bland masks, I've decided to drown out the last day of 2020 in an explosion of colours (my mask will probably in yellow and purple too). I've picked out this Valentino dress because of its fun print which reminds me of the 70s, as well as its structure and neckline which evoke elegance from the 50s. In an ideal world, I would douse my neckline in maximum bling or with a chunky pearl necklace to compliment my vintage persona. Alas, maybe in 10 or 20 years when I can afford a full neckline bling moment -- for now, a pair of pretty purple amethysts earrings from Pomellato that perfectly match my dress would work as well! I would also have a headscarf just for comedic purposes (or when I shed a happy tear because 2020 is finally over) and a baby blue clutch from Miu Miu to hold my hand sanitiser, mask guard, lipstick and phone. I probably would still wear all these even if I could only party on my balcony with my 3 other friends.     [caption id="attachment_13180" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Clutch: Judith Leiber; Dress: Louis Vuitton; Boots: Jimmy Choo; Shawl: I Blues; Ring: Givenchy[/caption]  

Ulianna, Digital Transformation

In anticipation for 2020 finally to end and welcome (hopefully a more exciting) 2021, I decided to wave a big goodbye to this extraordinary year in a perfect party outfit. And even though my dancing stage will be set up somewhere in between my sofa and the coffee table with no more than 2 other dancers joining in, I want to make sure the spirit of the celebration is in the air. I decided to pick a dramatic (and very sexy!) black LV dress with a sheer top and sequin bottom. I will pair it with super glamorous shiny Jimmy Choo boots and crystal-pave embellished Judith Leiber clutch. I also picked this elegant Givenchy ring to complete my black and silver look. Red lipstick (that I missed so much throughout this whole year) will add a pop of colour! Oh, and just in case I need to sneak outside for an extra bottle of champaign (or two), I prepared a warm white fur cape.     [caption id="attachment_13178" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Bag: Balenciaga ; Jacket: Chanel; Skirt: Marine Serre; Brooch: Fendi; Boots: Gianvito Rossi[/caption]  

Maevie, Fashion Assistant

Although this year NYE may feel different from previous ones, one thing that doesn't change is dressing up for this holiday season. Something I keep in mind towards a cohesive look is deciding which part of the outfit as the focus or which colour as the main. In this case, the bright yellow top catches the attention, drawing the eyes towards my favourite patterned Marine Serre skirt. Spice it up with velvet boots that exuberant sense of elegance while keeping me comfy. Finish off the look with chic monochrome bag and furry brooch. All ready to go!     [caption id="attachment_13177" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Jacket: Saint Laurent; Gown: Alexander McQueen ; Heels: Aquazzura; Bag: Chanel; Ring: AS29 by Audrey Savranski[/caption]  

Fernanda, Fashion Stylist

Finally, let's say Goodbye, 2020!  I'm not a truly superstitious person. But on the side of caution, I decided to wear a colour by my zodiac sign. There is, always, a preferable colour: Mine is Taurus, ruled by Venus, one of the feminine planets. It's a gender-free world, I know! But allow me to be old fashion and girly, so pink it is. I will dive into this silky Alexander McQueen. It's New Year's Eve, and we can't start a fire without a spark! This brooch pinned to the dress and this fantastic YSL jacket over my shoulders (it's cold outside) will add the desired light to the wee hours of the New Year. Oh...and the yellow Chanel? Well, Chanel is Chanel. We don't really need an excuse to wear it, do we? Be safe, and Happy New Year!   [caption id="attachment_13216" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Boots: Gianvito Rossi; Jumper: Gucci; Pants: Miu Miu; Clutch: Celine; Ring: Gucci[/caption]  

Alice, Fashion Stylist

I will be having a low-key New Years Eve hanging out with my partner and my dog. this outfit reflects a much more casual toned down occasion yet still has that pop of bright colour to bring in the new year! I am all about keeping it relaxed and cosy.     ... Our final team member Donny had no comment ;)