Tips from Hong Kong: Self-Quarantine & Work from Home

Tips from Hong Kong: Self-Quarantine & Work from Home

by HULA on Apr 17, 2020

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With most of the world stuck at home for weeks on end due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a lot of the isolated are tearing out their hair trying to keep themselves sane from all the news, social distancing and homeschooling.  In the last few weeks, we have been interviewing women of different industries, nationalities all over the world to bring to you the best tips for self-quarantine and working from home because life goes on even when the world is under siege from this deadly virus. Whether you’re a mother juggling between working from home and keeping the kids entertained, or stuck in a foreign country alone fearing that going back home might bring something nasty to your family members, we hope the series ignites positive energy and brings practical tips that can guide you through this journey.

We have covered the situation in MilanSydneySeoulNew YorkSan FranciscoShanghai and St Remy de Provence. This week, we want to wrap up the quarantine series with somewhere close to home, Hong Kong. Speaking from our homebase, co-founder and brand director of a children eyewear brand, Sons + Daughters, Shiva Shabani talks us through her pandemic-daily-routine and how she adapts to an ever-changing work environment.

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Where do you live / where are you right now, and what do you do?

I live between Vancouver, Canada, and Hong Kong - I'm currently in my Hong Kong home, working remotely from both of our offices. I'm the co-founder / Brand Director of an eyewear company focused on children called Sons + Daughters  

What is it like where you are right now? 

I feel privileged to be a part of the Hong Kong community, where, for the most part, everyone collectively has been taking this very seriously, is being vigilant and thoughtful.  Of course, there is a level of anxiety in the air. Hong Kong community is very stoic, and us ex-pats are just trying to keep up.   

What is the biggest impact the virus has had on your every day, social or work life?

In every sense, everything.  The way I work with our team, it's less in person, but I always believed in building a company with a team where all of us can think and work independently - As long as you make it count - so, in that sense, I'm thankful to a team and the culture of our business where we can be productive and focused either in-person/remote - We are trying because we want to.  Social life has completely changed- and yes, it's weird not seeing your favorite people. I think this is going to change our social behavior as we know it.  Nothing feels the same anymore - It's like entering a submarine. Hugs are over! New era?!   

Are there any positive things that you have discovered or seen people take up? 

Deliberate stillness.

  What is your top tip for self quarantining or social isolating during this period?

Stop complaining! Brush your hair / take a shower and don’t look like the world is ending. Be ok with taking the time. Use it! And be thankful that you have a roof over your head.