The Style Evolution of Bottega Veneta Bags

The Style Evolution of Bottega Veneta Bags

by Central HULA on May 09, 2023

Sometimes the best things are left unsaid. No brand has ever taken that statement more seriously than the Italian brand Bottega Veneta. The visual language of the handbags transcended the need to flash brand logos or tacky collaborations and instead carved its own path in the designer world. 

Bottega Veneta's humble beginnings began in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro as a mere leather goods company. Eventually, in the 70s and 80s, it grew to have a decent following for its refreshing logo-less accessories, with the likes of Andy Warhol and Jackie Kennedy wearing the brand. 

In the 90s, it was bought by the Gucci group, which revived the brand under the creative director Tomas Maier. He returned the brand to its roots of sophistication and artisanal quirks to create the powerhouse that made many iconic handbags. 


The Intrecciato Weave

The brand's signature intrecciato weave has made the Bottega bags easily identifiable in a room full of other designer bags. The iconic design stems from the limitations of the machinery of the time. In the Veneto region where Bottega began, workshops were known to produce clothing, not leather goods. Due to this, sewing machines weren’t strong enough to make the robust leather needed for a bag or shoe. The solution was to weave the long leather strips into pieces that stayed beautiful but strong.

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(Coming on Fri)

Classic Bottega Styles

Tomas Maier created the CABAT in 2002, which fully embraced the intrecciato weave by having an unlined, open-topped tote. It’s the perfect everyday-style bag that can fit any day; not only is it prized by collectors for being elegant, but it also got a removable interior where you can hold valuables. 

Krystal Schlegel

Check out the Veneta bag if you want a closed-top version. It is a seamless, rounded bag that can loop around the shoulder with a zipped closure. It is fully lined with multiple pockets, making it a practical bag for a night out in the town!

Brown Intrecciato leather tote bag with knot closure
Off white leather/canvas intrecciato 2 way travel bag


The Knot clutch is ‘the’ iconic evening bag. A 70s Bottega box clutch inspired this bag but instead included luxury fabrics and a signature looped knot closure.  Its hinged opening can fit your phone, lipstick and more!

Grey Snakeskin and Brown Leather Knot Clutch
Yellow Python Trim Satin Knot Clutch


The New Bottega

In 2018 Daniel Lee was appointed to be the creative director of Bottega Veneta at the mere age of 32. Lee took the beloved intrecciato design and created a ‘Maxi’ weave that perfectly incorporated trends while still following tradition. 

Linda Tol and Chloé Harrouche
Leonie Hanne


One use of this ‘Maxi’ weave is the Cassette crossbody bag with either double-faced leather or a tactile pad. The popularity helped it expand the Cassette’s colours and sizes, eventually leading to the Maxi Cabat tote. The Pouch is a whole other creation. With swatches of silky leather in a rather large clutch, the design is finished with a simple magnetic fastening at the top. 

With Lee’s creative directing, Bottega Veneta has grown to encapsulate the beauty of simplicity for a new age of Bottega wearers.

Pink Intrecciato 'The Pouch' Clutch Bag
Medium Grass Intrecciato Leather Cabat Tote Bag
Chalk Padded Cassette Crossbody Bag
Gold Metallic Bark Calfskin The Mini Pouch Crossbody bag
'Chain pouch' - Leather clutch with gold chain
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