Meet The Fashion and Interior Power Duo: Lucia Tait Tolani & Cinda McClelland Reynolds

Meet The Fashion and Interior Power Duo: Lucia Tait Tolani & Cinda McClelland Reynolds

by HULA Marketing on Dec 19, 2023

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to do a home interview with these two remarkable and accomplished women, who have not only been invaluable supporters of our HULA community but have also made their mark in the global fashion industry for numerous years. Their expertise and dedication have left an indelible impact, reaching far and wide across the fashion world.

Cinda and Lucia have been friends for fifteen years through two cities - first New York and now Hong Kong. They recently launched their brand, Permanent Resident - a destination for distinctive furniture, eclectic home decor, and thoughtful tabletop that features an assortment of coveted designs that are new, upcycled, preowned, and vintage.

“We combined Cinda's extensive fashion retail background with Lucia's experience in lifestyle e-commerce, personal styling, and interior decoration to create the shopping experience we couldn't find but had to have.” 

Lucia wearing blazer from Saint Laurent picked from Hula and boots from Paris Texas

Lucia Tait Tolani began her career in New York in marketing and early e-commerce. She then worked for many years in personal styling, both at her own company and in senior roles at luxury retailers and via magazine partnerships. In Hong Kong, she focused on her exclusive by-invitation personal styling events service and later transitioned to interior decoration.


Wearing- Coat from Chanel (Hula); Trousers from Sleeper; Shoes from Chloe
Cinda McClelland Reynolds, originally from California who has an extensive retail and ecommerce background. She honed her expertise at Gap Inc and Burberry in NYC before becoming the VP of international planning at Tory Burch. Her retail journey spans continents, showcasing her talent in various roles and solidifying her reputation in the fashion industry.

What is the most memorable gift for the home you've ever received?

Cinda: "Just after my husband proposed, family friends organized an engagement party for us when we were visiting home for the holidays. They asked each guest to bring an ornament for our first Christmas tree as a family with a note to us. It is so special to be able to think of our friends and loved ones each year as we trim the tree."

Lucia: "My mom bought me a 1970s Italian gold and silver-tone brass checkered tray from The East Hampton Antiques & Design Show for my birthday last year that I adore. I much prefer vintage items for the home, they tell a story." 


What is your must-have holiday decor / table setting?

Lucia: "Obviously I start my table setting with our Permanent Resident Aurora Tablecloth in Festive. Everything looks good on this print - solids or patterns. I layer my green ceramic dinnerware, and then some amber-colored glasses. Fresh cut greens and lots of candles make up the centerpiece."

Lucia Tait Tolani's meticulous arrangement of Permanent Resident's Stockings exudes a sense of luxury, nostalgia, and creativity.

What are your tips on keeping festive-decor chic?

Cinda: "I prefer to keep my festive décor fun, simple and timeless. Ideally, it should build on itself year after year and with that hold the memories you are creating. I think it is super important to be able to reuse décor each year versus throwing away at the end of the season and starting over the next year. Nothing is less chic than a lot of waste."

Lucia: "Since moving to Hong Kong, I’ve resorted to using a faux Christmas tree. They say if you use it for at least five years it is less wasteful than a real tree - I think particularly when trees here are shipped halfway around the world. To get the pine smell I order fresh wreaths and cuttings."

What is your favourite holiday treat/drink/recipe?

Lucia: "I love to serve a large portion of caviar (from Nomad Caviar) with blinis, potato chips, and all the trimmings when I entertain during the holidays. It sets such a festive tone. It’s a time to indulge, and for me, that means cheese, cheese, cheese, and more cheese. I call up The Cheese House and have a selection sent over. Finally, we cook a beef tenderloin marinated with rosemary with a homemade horseradish cream sauce - simple but feels decadent."

Cinda: "You know it’s the holidays when the old fashioneds are poured! We always drink old fashioneds during the holidays. The first old fashioned cocktail is usually served during the Thanksgiving celebrations - and we continue to drink these through Christmas. It really marks the start of the season for me and carries with it feelings of family and friends. This year we are using our new Creart Incontro Tumber Set in Amber from Permanent Resident to serve our old fashioned tradition."


Do you have any unique or quirky holiday traditions that your family follows?

Cinda: "Growing up we would always build sugar cube houses made from - you guessed it sugar cubes - and lots of icing as the mortar. We absolutely loved it! You could build anything – we made castles, crazy houses – anything went."


Cinda wearing sparkle top from Galvan, blazer from Blaze Milano and jeans from Louis Vuitton picked from HULA



Article and Photography by Tiffany Law