Your Wishlist: Clean-Girl Aesthetic

Your Wishlist: Clean-Girl Aesthetic

by Tiffany Law on Dec 20, 2022


We heard you! Last week, we conducted a poll on Instagram to learn about how you prefer to style your outfits.

Most of you don't subscribe to vibrant colour palettes and wild patterns. Particularly since most of you voted CafeHopping as the best girls' date, the presence of lifestyle just speaks volumes about the 'Clean Girl' aesthetic. Here are our poll results:

The Clean-Girl aesthetic is a vibe we're all familiar with at this point- slick-back buns, minimal makeup and a very neutral based look that can be built upon through jewellery and other accessories. Today, we've rounded up a few ideas and wishlists on how to channel that ‘so put-together look’ yet appearing not to be trying in everyday life.

Combine Sporty with Preppy

A. Bottega Veneta bag / B. Self-Portrait Romper / C. Bruno Cucinelli Sneakers / D. Christian Dior Earrings


One of the highlights of the clean girl aesthetic involves pairing athleisure with something preppy. Think sneakers, sweatshirts, caps, sleek neutral-coloured trench/ oversized blazer by your side to channel that effortless sleek vibe but down-to-earth.

(Image Credit: @savinachow)

Gold Tone and Leather Goods are a Must

A. Céline Bag / B. Louis Vuitton Jacket / C. Hermès  Sandals / D. Balenciaga Belt

The ‘clean girl’ knows how to balance chic and corporate. This look gives off mature and girl-boss vibes, which many women strive for. Invest in some good leather pieces and a leather tote that can accommodate your laptop and a good book. You can also accessorize with a few layered chains or chunky gold hoops for that touch of glamor.

(Image Credit: @amineesong)

The Travelling Clean Girl

A. Nanuska Bag / B. Blumarine Top / C. Balenciaga Boots / D. Gilan Necklace

Choose a sexy, simple silhouette, like a slip or wrap dress. Lean towards uncomplicated patterns when experimenting with different neutrals. It's just the perfect outfit to feel like you're in the South of France! Once you have your foundation, reach for minimal gold jewellery to go with the softness. And if you're feeling daring, go bra-less.

(Image Credit: @itsyuyann- left, @aimeesong- right)