Horoscopes matched With HULA Goodies!

Horoscopes matched With HULA Goodies!

by HULA on May 08, 2020

Moodlightener Series: The Signs as HULA Goodies

We don't really believe that the human psyche can be simply and reductively categorised into 12 neat signs. But hey, what's life without a little fun horoscope-telling? So sit back and enjoy our take on your style and Zodiac Sign! 

ARIES Prada So... how does it feel to be the most sporty zodiac sign? We've picked out these comfy and supportive Prada sneakers to help maximise your speed! 

TAURUS Louis Vuitton You've earned it, spend your hard-earned money proudly! You know you want to spend it glamorously, so why not spend it with this Louis Vuitton Wallet?

GEMINI J.W. Anderson Sign of the Twins. We're taking this one quite literally... Each hole for your each personality. 

CANCER Burberry Known for their emotional depth. Cancerians are highly intuitive, naturally laid-back. Fancy a Burberry bucket hat to match your laid-back nature? 


LEO KENZO Warm, passionate and dynamic. Leos have always been the centre of any attention. And suitably, Leos are represented by lions. (Hence, the KENZO logo!) You need to be Queen even on your day off in your comfy clothes.

VIRGO Georg Jensen A perfectionist deserves the symbol of precision. Although not a Swiss watch, this Danish watch is the embodiment of mid-century designs -- practical, reliable, sleek and minimalistic. 

LIBRA Van Cleef A little bird told us that Libras are obsessed with symmetry, love and glamour... How about this perfectly shaped Alahambra Ring, does the represent your glamourous charisma?


SCROPIO Salvator Ferragamo If the essence of a passionate lover can be bottled and made into a pair of shoes, then this is it. Take these fiery shoes as an embodiment of your passion and intensity.

SAGITTARIUS Bottega Veneta Modern, stylish and most of all, sophisticated. A visual representation of your personality. The soft ample leather also represents your soft and kind-heartedness. 


CAPRICORN MaxMara Ambitious and career-oriented. A blazer is your best friend as it exudes discipline like you do.

AQUARIUS Louis Vuitton The most intelligent of them all. Some say you guys are walking encyclopedia! Your trusty notepad will never fail your light bulb moments.


PISCES Fendi The most emotionally intelligent of them all. You feel so much and have such a soft heart. Here, wipe your tears with this Fendi scarf. After all, if you want to be sad, be stylishly sad.