Flats Are Here To Stay

Flats Are Here To Stay

by Central HULA on May 30, 2023

Flat shoes have proven themselves as a fashion staple for decades. With life picking up again, it’s versatility has made it become even more popular in recent seasons. Styled up or down, HULA has you covered for your next date, night out, or pool day. 


Ballerina Flats



Inspired by the angelically graceful aesthetic of ballet, ‘ballet-core’ has risen in popularity. There's no better time to add this easy and comfortable style to your everyday wardrobe. Lace, stain, or leather, ballet flats add effortless flair to any look, from summer weddings to weekend outings.


EU38 | Chanel EU36 | Chloe EU35 | Miu Miu






Looking to elevate a casual look? Loafers are the answer. They’ve been a trending style for a moment, but are far from falling off. Luxury to the high street, there are so many variations on the style that you are bound to find one that fits your taste and lifestyle. We’ve been loving the loafer, oversized blazer, summer shorts combo. Try it out for yourself!



EU37.5 | Hermes EU36 | NO.21 EU39 | Gucci 






We always say – you can never have ‘enough’ pairs of sneakers. With streetwear’s prominence in high fashion, being comfortable and fashionable has never been easier. Soccer sneakers add a calm and casual attitude to your look, that effortless cool girl vibe that never goes out of style.



US6 | Nike x Sacai EU36 | Hermes US8 | WS6212


Comfortable, versatile, effortless. Grab a pair for your next sunset walk on the promenade, museum date, or girls night out because flat shoes are here to stay.