Feng Shui & Style 101 by Thierry Chow

Feng Shui & Style 101 by Thierry Chow

by HULA on Jan 24, 2020

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After completing her art and design degree and years of training with her world-renowned Feng Shui master, Thierry has come out on top as the most stylish Feng Shui designer and master. To merge fashion with style, Thierry shared some tips on how to maximise luck through clever styling, with shape and colours. Read on for her advice for each zodiac sign this Lunar year and some tips on how to dress according to your elements.



Rat Fan Tai Sui Year (A Year of Trouble) -- Surround yourself with positive people, events. Harness positive energy and have it radiate from within!

Ox He Tai Sui (A Year of 'Union') -- Love is in the air for you, and most importantly learning the true meaning of love.

Tiger Yi Ma Xing ('Flying Horse Star', symbolises travel) -- A year best for travel and leisure, enjoy all the new experiences.

Rabbit Xing Tai Sui (A Year of Trouble)-- A year for growth, not just mentally but spiritually. An opportunity to become wiser

Dragon Hui Tai Sui (A Year of 'Union') -- Looking for love is good, but love is looking for you this year! 

Snake Gui Ren (Assistant Star): A year with good help and friends, remember it's ok to seek help!

Horse Chong Tai Sui (A Year of Movements) -- Changes is good, and change will make you grow

Sheep Xing Tai Sui (A Year of Trouble) -- You're learning a lot this year, especially how to open your own heart. 

Monkey Hui Tai Sui -- Love is all you need, and it is all around.

Rooster Xing Tai Sui -- Sometimes the small things may not seem significant, but sometimes it is the small things that matter the most. 

Dog Yi Ma Xing (Travel Star) -- Keep moving and travelling this year, you will find new directions.

Pig Take your time to recover from last year's Fan Tai Sui. Good things are coming. 

  In Your Element: According to Thierry, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements --  fire, metal, earth, water and wood. Each element can boost or harm one's luck, health, career, relationships and so on. Thus, in Feng Shui, striking the perfect balance (in relation to each zodiac sign, birth date and time) is one of the absolute keys. Putting this theory to work, in terms of fashion, we've put together several key points to help balance out your elements.  

As a rule of thumb:

Metal compliments Water; Water compliments wood; Wood compliments fire; fire compliments earth; earth compliments water. Refer to your zodiac sign to find out what element compliments you best! 

Celine Sally Lapointe George Jenson
Ralph Lauren Chloé  Judith Leiber
Anything white, silver or gold is associated with the metal element, as well as circular objects. Objects such as mirror, scissors or even decorative swords can boost the metal energy, which symbolises wealth and fortune.   Wood
Alice + Olivia Veronica Beard Hunting Season
Gucci Celine  Dolce & Gabbana
Believe it or not, the colour green is also associated with the element 'wood', alongside the obvious wooden colour choices. For home decor, adding wooden furniture or figurines, and books or magazines could help boost growth and symbolises kindness.     Water
Balenciaga Chloé Celine
Escada Christian Dior  Isabel Marant
Weird as it sounds, black is a 'water' colour along with the obvious shade -- blue. Fish tanks, swimming pools or even a depiction of water can increase your water energy, so if you can't afford a swimming pool at your backyard, you know you always have backups!    Fire
Diane Von Furstenberg Ralph Lauren Alexander McQueen
Gianfranco Ferre Helmut Lang  Tory Burch
What can better represent the fire element than reds, oranges and pink? Not into bold monotone outfits? Try wearing red or pink underwear! The element is known to boost passion, love, joy, but too much of it can lead to frustration, aggression and vanity.    Earth
3.1 Phillip Lim Chloé Balmain
Carven Gianni Versace  Oscar De La Renta
As you may able to tell, yellow and tan are the obvious representatives of the Earth energy. Other these two colours, ceramics, stones and dogs are the more subtle options for boosting the energy. Adding the earth element to your style and home can bring supportive energy, ground and stabilise unbalanced energy. So if you're feeling scattered and anxious, it might be a good idea to invite more of the earth element into your daily life.     

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