IWD 2024: Celebrating the Influence of Sustainable Female Fashion Designers

IWD 2024: Celebrating the Influence of Sustainable Female Fashion Designers

by HULA Marketing on Mar 06, 2024

International Women's Day is a global celebration of the achievements and contributions of women in various fields. In the fashion industry, there are numerous talented and influential female designers who have not only made a mark in the world of fashion but have also championed sustainability. These designers have used their creativity and passion to create fashion that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. Read on to see how some of the most influential sustainable female fashion designers, who have paved the way for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

1. Stella McCartney 

Leading the Way in Sustainable Luxury

Stella McCartney is known as one of the pioneers in ethical design and goes against stereotypes. As a progressive luxury brand, the designer has always looked to the future, embracing no leather or fur and protecting endangered forests. Moreover, their products have been PVC-free since 2010, including all Adidas by Stella McCartney pieces.

‚ÄúI design clothes that are meant to last. I believe in creating pieces that are not going to get burnt, that are not going to landfills and that are not going to damage the environment.‚ÄĚ- Stella McCartney


(Source: Stella MacCartney)

For Fall/Winter 2024, Stella McCartney lets Mother Earth do the talking and continue to stay true to her sustainable initiatives with repurposed materials that push the environment forward.

Agents of Change: The Winter'19 Campaign

These are just a portion of all the activities and initiatives undertaken by Stella McCartney. Read more about their commitments here.

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Black and navy modacrylic faux fur zip-up collared jacket $2,000 (XS)

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Brown laser-cut logo faux leather drawstring backpack $3,000 

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Washed indigo cotton-blend denim skirt $1,400 (IT38)

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Black wool double-breast cropped jacket $1,800 (IT38)

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2. Vivienne Westwood 

 A Punk Pioneer for Sustainability

(Source: Vivienne Westwood)

“BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL, MAKE IT LAST", one of the most famous quotes in fashion history, Vivienne Westwood has been associated with sustainability and climate change for more than ten years now, even before sustainability was a topic found on every newspaper and television channel around the world. 

(Source: Vivienne Westwood)

For the past 50 years, starting from 1970, Vivienne has been actively engaged in designing and creating fashion. Her early style revolved around punk fashion, gradually transitioning into a more romantic aesthetic. Throughout this evolution, Vivienne consistently utilised fashion as a medium to express and convey her social and environmental criticisms. 

Since the early 2000s, the brand's narrative and aesthetic have expanded to incorporate historical references and connect with present-day events. Their focus lies in producing high-quality products that honor both people and the planet, with a strong emphasis on four key areas: craftsmanship and heritage, empowering individuals, sustainable materials and processes, and reimagining waste.

Read more about Vivienne Westwood’s elevant activities and initiatives

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Blue cotton interlock jersey button-front cardigan $1,300

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Silver-tone metal and resin faux pearl Orb pendant necklace $1,500

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Red bias-cut wool tartan tweed pull-on skater skirt $2,000 (IT40)

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Beige suede pull-on knee-high slouchy Pirate boots $2,700 (EU39.5)

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3. Sézane

A French Icon of Sustainable Fashion

With an inherent commitment to sustainability, Sézane, founded by Morgane Sézalory, follows a responsible production model that eliminates intermediaries, flash sales, and overproduction. This ideology has been integral to Sézane since its inception and has earned the brand the prestigious B-Corp Certification, which serves as a rigorous and independent validation of Sézane's core values.


(Source: Sézane)

(Source: Sézane) 

S√©zane shared in its most recent ‚ÄėSocial and Environmental Report‚Äô that 75% of the materials it uses are eco-friendly. It uses linen, organic cotton, Tencel, FSC-certified viscose and other sustainable materials in its clothing.

The brand also claims that 83% of the cotton it uses is organic, 73% of the polyester it uses is recycled, 61% of the tannins it uses is made with vegetables, and 68% of the viscose is from sustainably managed forests.

Read more about the brand's sustainable commitments here. 

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Ivory draped polyester stand collar wrap-effect top $800 (FR34)

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Beige kid mohair-blend marled button-front cardiga $900 (S)

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Navy polyamide-blend cable knit pullover sweater $800 (M)

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Black semi-sheer cotton-blend floral lace ruffled blouse $1,200 (FR38)

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4. Gabriela Hearst

Redefining Luxury with Sustainability

Gabriela Hearst in her studio and showroom
(Source: Kevin Trageser )

Known for her elegant collections that emphasize sustainability, Gabriela Hearst is one of New York's most influential designers. Hearst staged the first carbon-neutral fashion show during New York Fashion Week last September by partnering with EcoAct and donating a substantial sum to Kenya's Hifadhi- Livelihoods Project. 25 percent of her collections are made from dead stock - materials that would otherwise end up in landfills - and she works with 600 women across Uruguay to produce them.


AW 2020

(Source: Victor Vigile, Getty Images)

"With sustainability, it’s not about talking; it’s about the doing. I also think if you put restrictions on someone’s creativity, it gives them more focus" - Gabriela Hearst 

She also explained that the essence of her design is to build something beautiful that is well- crafted with the right materials that people would get excited about from a design point of view, as well as something timeless that you'd cherish for a lifetime.

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Burgundy and pink cashmere-silk blend belted midi dress $3,000 (S)

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Brown alligator-embossed leather Linda round-toe heel boots $4,500 (EU37)

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These are just a few examples of the many influential female fashion designers who are leading the way in sustainable fashion. As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us recognise and appreciate the contributions of these remarkable women who are shaping the future of the fashion industry. Their work serves as an inspiration for aspiring designers and a reminder that sustainability and style can coexist harmoniously in the world of fashion.