All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go

All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go

by HULA on Jun 05, 2020

During this pandemic most of us are likely to have gotten used to Zoom meetings, home-cooking, homeschooling and perhaps even the infinite comfort of a set of good sweats. But that doesn't mean we're not allowed to dress up in the comforts at our own home and add a sprinkle of glamour into our social distancing lives. On that note, we wanted to see what these stylish power women; Karen Wong (Co-Founder of OnAirCollective), Utah Lee (Nike Master Fitness Trainer) and Veronica Li (Celebrity Stylist and Image Consultant at missed most about getting all dressed up.

  [caption id="attachment_10443" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Dress: Galvan London, Shoes Jimmy Choo[/caption]   Karen Wong is Co-founder of On Air Collective and also a mother of a one-year-old daughter. I miss those moments when you feel good about yourself, not to impress anybody but you! It is a way of impressing yourself and that is something sweatpants aren't able to give you (even though I love them during the lock down!) The one thing I make sure I apply to feel good.. Is definitely my make-up primer, it's the easiest and smartest way to look fresh and brightened without actually putting any makeup on! What would be your ultimate fantasy night out? It would be a nice and romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, and also best if it's out of Hong Kong, somewhere like Vegas would be fun! Imagine watching some iconic shows after dinner with the whole glammed up situation, so dreamy! Tell us more about your HULA outfit. I've picked this pink silk dress as I am a huge fan of simple and elegant silk dresses, the neckline is just too beautiful and it is so easy to style with! Just like those earrings I've paired with, it elevates the look without too much effort! Describe your dressed-up self in 3 words. Minimal. Effortless. Timeless.   Fitness Trainer Utah Lee and Nike Master Trainer (mom/ dog-mom/ fashion and beauty lover); I really miss  simply having somewhere to go! The thrill of meeting people and share what’s going on out there and learn new things. The one thing I make sure I apply to feel good.. So hard to just name one! Because I need all of that to feel made up!!!!! I need them all!!!!!! But If I had to choose, I think it would have to be makeup, makeup makeup. I need really good base makeup with kick-ass eyeliners! What would be your ultimate fantasy night out? All dressed up in fancy but cool outfits that my friends and I can dance it. I would be hanging out with Rihanna, J.Lo, Lady, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Will Smith... in a super cool night club. We would go together by over the top fancy vehicles with body guards. Don’t really care what we eat but gotta have refreshing cold drinks. [caption id="attachment_10477" align="aligncenter" width="941"] Dress: Alex Perry, Earrings: Chanel[/caption]   Tell us more about your HULA outfit. I’d like to bring drama when I get to play dress-up. I like to shock people with looks that I normally won’t be in. I wear a lot of black and white when I teach fitness classes. Sometimes, I might wear a pop of color but I seldom wear bright block total looks, so I thought I would do something different! Describe your dressed-up style in 3 words. Edgy, loud, fitted  

Veronica Li, is Stylist and Image Consultant of What I really miss the most about getting all dressed up is the planning part. It’s the excitement of how you feel that day and what kind of energy you want to give out. There are always a few pieces in my wardrobe that’s waiting to be styled up but recently it has been sitting around. The one thing I make sure I apply to feel good.. Would be makeup ! Since without any eye makeup, a lot of my friends would ask if I wasn’t feeling well or very tired. With the right amount of makeup and charm, even a simple white t-shirt and jeans will work on me! What would be your ultimate fantasy night out? My ultimate fantasy night out would be somewhere private with a magnificent view and sea breeze. South of France will be a good idea! A chef’s dinner for two with the freshest seafood in town, we love seafood! I would go for an off-shoulder puff sleeve style dress that’s comfortable yet chic. To end the night, have a nice drink at a classy jazz bar would be very perfect. [caption id="attachment_10455" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Dress: Tadashi Shoji, Bangle: Hermès[/caption] Tell us more about your HULA outfit. Was feeling in character for Belle from Beauty and the Beast, for her vibrant yellow gown.The stay in at home and social distancing was somewhat like Belle's story-line in the house for a long time and when she is able to dress up she wears the beautiful gown and became centre of attention. Could this look be inspired by that too? The asymmetrical neckline that’s modern and chiffon layering which adds nice details. That’s why for accessories I kept it in similar tones of warm colours earrings with a simple Hermès bangle. Describe your dressed-up style in 3 words. In the mood, a pop of fun and sophistication.       Photos by Berton Chan Photography (@BertonChangPhotography) Hair & make up by Yana Zinovieva (@i.wish.mua)