7 (Sustainable) Fashion Instagrams to Follow this Week

7 (Sustainable) Fashion Instagrams to Follow this Week

by HULA on Aug 14, 2020

[caption id="attachment_11787" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Photos Courtesy of (from left to right, upper row first) @imanorbyah, @plumtr3, @thegloriayu, @plumtr3, @whenthriftersthrift, @walk_of_dame, @imanorbyah, @lafredtouch, @walk_of_dame, @victoria_haralabidou[/caption]  

This week we're bringing you the best fashion Instagrams locally and internationally, and as always we're reporting with a sustainability-twist. From Hong Kong to Greece, to the States; old Céline to Loewe, to vintage Guy Larouche, we're putting a spotlight on the 7 best sustainable fashion Instagram accounts that we've found recently. Follow them not only for their aesthetics but also for their great wisdom on sustainable and ethical shopping. 

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If Plumtr3's Instagram account was a painting, it would be named "A Love Affair with Old Céline". We're not JUST talking about Phoebe Philo's Céline, we are talking about the sleek minimalistic vibe that the brand had made essential for the 21st century. Her love for an almost-androgynous style and earthy tones has given a new meaning to power-dressing and encourages you to re-think what can be worn to the office. Besides rocking well-known brands such as Céline, Loewe, Bottega Veneta and many more, Plumtr3 is no stranger to discovering and supporting small new indie brands such as her latest treasure -- a bespoke leather tote from Susan Szatmáry, and her summer-envy tie-dye tee from an indie artist based in London -- Simeon Farrar.

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If you've been keeping up with HULA, you know Victoria by her eccentric (in the best way possible!) style and how she chose to spend her time during the quarantine. You would expect someone in the entertainment industry to be in the most expensive and coveted brands, but like her bubbly and out-of-the-box persona, Victoria is almost always dressed in the most extravagant pieces but in vintage and possibly at a fraction of its original price! Sometimes it's a big white dress by Philippe G. Missas and a simple black peplum top over the dress. Sometimes it's clashing prints, a pair of mismatched pumps with the kind of earrings that remind you of your childhood summer from her local (Greek) indie jewellery brand -- Katerina Psoma. Her jewellery box also includes many other indie Greek brands such as @sofiapopakosta, @herminaathens and @taniadrakidoujewellery. Speaking of jewellery, her collection of accessories would remind you of small colourful pieces of time capsules from all over the world and according to Victoria, some of them are also her grandmother's hand-me-downs -- a true treasure hunter and collector.

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A spokeswoman for "self-care, community-care and planet care", Gloria is not your typical fashion blogger. She's the opposite of a pretty vase, she is a whole (and ever-growing) encyclopedia on all things about sustainability and business ethics. Instead of just buying into greenwashing PR tactics, Gloria digs deep. Her recent interview with our founder Sarah Fung delves into the underlying issue within the Hong Kong fashion community and the relative lack of enthusiasm for sustainability. Talking to not just retailers, Gloria also gets into a deep conversation with Lois Tien of SoL, a chic loungewear direct-to-consumer company, about the brand's origin and production practices. AND on top of this, Gloria shares her fav spots to shop responsibly (without emptying your wallet) in the city. Check out for more of her quality content on her own blog -- gloriousdays.co!

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An internet sensation, Walk of Dame's Insta account is hard proof that you don't need to be trendy to be stylish. She takes her vintage game to the absolute next level. From casually wearing an Oscar De Le Renta gown to wearing two dresses at once (WHAT?!), the ultra-modern lawyer (who says lawyers don't have fun?!) creates trends by blurring the lines of 'what should be worn when'. And the best part? She interacts with her audience! (And shares her thrifting spots -- both online and offline, with her followers.) So if you have a burning question about that vintage piece you can't take your eyes off, you know you can always ask her about it in the comments or slide into that cheeky DM. 

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You know you can trust one's fashion sense when one can look good even in an arm cast. In all seriousness, this is the kind of creativity we need in the fashion community to make things last longer. Her pieces are a bold extension of her strong personality that grew from being a mother of two and a two-time breast cancer survivor. Never wasting a day in a mediocre outfit, Frédérique's insta feed is full outfit inspos and tasteful black and white images that encourage positive and resilient thinking. Get a squeeze of fashion AND life inspo from the ever-cheerful power woman!  

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No stranger to the HULA Journal, Norbyah, the self-proclaimed "Vintage Hoarder", "Thrifter" and "Preloved Wearer" has once graced our feed with her fun and full-of-spirit day to night styling video. The incredibly resourceful and stylish thrifter somehow always manages the pull out the most up-to-date outfits from her existing wardrobe and she's not afraid to share her secrets! To name a few series that Norbyah created on her IGTV channel -- she shares her knowledge on how to style different trends and looks inspired by famous style icons or brands from common pieces of clothing that most people can find in their own closet. To mix things up, she sometimes gets her 3 kids to style her, and in the best parenting way possible, she asks her audience to rate her kids' outfit choices -- very entertaining for us, and hopefully not too soul-crushing for her kids 😜!

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One of the most inclusive thrifters collective out there, When Thrifters Thrift features thrifters from all over the world on their Insta page. It's a happy place with stylish people regardless of their colours, sizes, sexuality, religious beliefs... you name it! If you're looking to find creative minds and creative styling, this Insta account is your jackpot. The sense of community and togetherness you get from the page is gonna be one of the best things you encounter this week!