What to Wear Day & Night On Vacation | 10 Trendy Basics

What to Wear Day & Night On Vacation | 10 Trendy Basics

by Tiffany Law on Nov 15, 2022

  Whether you're heading to the sun-kissed tropical beach in Thailand or catching the feel of true winter in Europe. As your fashion travel agents, Hula is here to help you on that impeccable vacation outfit hunt. It's been quite a while since many of you traveled aboard. We all can get easily carried away by the excitement of finally flying and forget about that packing checklist. No matter how you like to coordinate your outfits according to the places you will be visiting or whatever the occasion calls for, planning ahead your basic essentials is THE essential. Especially if you are taking a winter trip that is notoriously difficult to pack for, building most of your holiday outfits around basic clothing will make the process easier, safe, versatile and packable.  We have rounded up 8 perfect day & night looks with simply 10 trendy basics wherever you are-   Denims- Obviously timeless and the perfect layering basics to give you a fresh, contemporary look. Investing in some high-quality denim pieces is totally worth it to give your capsule closet a mix and match. Neutral Colors- While you may not think neutral or earth tones will suit you, they’re actually very versatile for both casual and dressy occasions. It includes beige, brown, nude, white, gray, black, khaki and white. They can just never go out of style. Outer-layers- Having at least one or two lightweight jackets such as cardigan, biker jacket, and blazers in your list is a must. Even if you are going to hot destinations like Dubai, don't let their shopping mall's air conditioning catch you off guard.  


  Also, don’t forget about planning ahead for your airport outfit too! Simply bundle up a packable outerwear and a pair of shorts/ skirt into your carry-on bag (if you are traveling to a winter sun destination). As soon as you step off the plane and into the heat, you can then swap out the comfy pants for a printed midi skirt to freshen up your holiday attire. Safe flight and have a lovely holiday!!