The Powerful 3-Step Mantra of Wardrobe Organization: Insights from The Happy Space Co.

The Powerful 3-Step Mantra of Wardrobe Organization: Insights from The Happy Space Co.

by HULA Marketing on Jan 08, 2024

No matter if your closet is a spacious walk-in with abundant shelves and drawers or simply a makeshift clothes rack tucked away in your bedroom, keeping its tidiness in check is absolutely key. However, crafting systems is also as important to make your life easier and making sure not any inch of your precious space goes to waste.

Kicking off 2024, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with The Happy Space Co., HK-based professional home organizers this month as a special New Year offer for all Hula customers! Read on to know more details down below.

In light of that, we had the delightful opportunity to chat with Nassim Secci, the founder and a mother of two, at her residence in Discovery Bay on a pleasant afternoon. Not only does she fully embody her business agenda in her gorgeous 'clean-girl aesthetic' place, she is so generous that she is not here to gate-keep her tips and secrets on working smart with your home at all!

About Nassim Secci:

Once a high-powered corporate lawyer, Nassim lived and breathed the fast-paced world of international legal affairs. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., she spent her life preparing for a prestigious career that challenged her. After becoming a mother, she realized it was time for a change as her values shifted. She resigned her 10 years job in the law industry and chose to focus on taking care of her family and herself. Her personal journey of organizing and decluttering her home inspired her to launch her company. With a mission to empower women worldwide, The Happy Space Company aims to help them find their own 'Happy Space' by providing guidance and support.


What are the top 3 most common challenges your clients face in organising their wardrobes?

"At the Happy Space Co., our clients grapple with three recurring challenges when it comes to organizing their wardrobes.

  1. Limited space: A common cry for help stems from clients struggling with limited space. This leads to chaos, and they tell us it’s “such a mess”.  They usually have way too much in the space (things they aren’t even using!) and they haven’t efficiently maximized every inch. 

  2. Absence of systems: Many clients come to us feeling overwhelmed by the lack of systems. There is no logic to how things are set up and it doesn’t align with how they prepare for their days or their life’s priorities, like a workout fanatic whose workout clothes are in the hardest to reach places.

  3. The 'I Can’t Find What I Need’ dilemma: One of our clients’ biggest pain points is not being about to find what they need, when they need it.  One client called it a “treasure hunt” and described how it would waste precious time in the morning, causing her to start her days frazzled.

These challenges are more than just organizational hurdles; they create energy leaks and waste precious time in our days."



2. How do you help them to tackle through these problems?

"Our three-step mantra—declutter, organize, systemize—is the backbone of our approach."

"For wardrobes we start with the detox phase. We all tend to hang on to pieces with sentimental value or that 'I might wear it one day' optimism. Even our stylist clients find the detox process challenging to do on their own. It takes stamina to sift through your wardrobe, and sometimes, an external perspective asking the right questions can be a game-changer. Our decluttering method is not just efficient; it's a strategic journey through your wardrobe to make the process both quick and effective.

Once the unnecessary items are taken out of the picture, we move to the second step—organizing the space. We source the very best organizing products for our clients – it’s the foundation of the systems we put in place. Our goal is to match you with the ideal products that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Finally, we design personalized organizing systems. This is where the real magic happens.  We want to understand how you use that space, what little (and big) things annoy you and solve all those issues for you.  For every system, we also work with you and your helpers to establish the accompanying habit.  It is not enough that we physically create a system with let’s say a container, but we need to also have an action that goes with it.  For example, for clients that get frustrated about their clothes getting misplaced (think workout leggings in your work clothes section), we have created a place where all clean items go after laundry and ironing and our clients put the items away themselves in a matter of minutes, ensuring it goes exactly where they want them.

In the end, overcoming these challenges isn't just about tidying up; it's about transforming your space into a calm haven that mirrors your lifestyle and taste."

3. How can space organization link to sustainability? Or wardrobe detox?

"Two of the easiest ways to have a more sustainable wardrobe is to use what you have and take care of what you have.  For most of us, we need to see it to remember it.  So, it is important to organize your space for maximum visibility of items. While it might be tempting to put different items behind the other on a shelf to maximize the space, if it’s at the cost of forgetting about those items, then it isn’t worth it. 

A robust laundry system is one way to make sure you properly care for your clothing.  Most of us have helpers who handle our laundry and dry-cleaning runs. Have a designated way of communicating what must be handwashed, washed in cooler temperatures, dry cleaned, and what has a stain that might need attention. I personally like using reusable canvas bags with a tag on them for each category.  They can live inside your laundry hamper and get filled as needed."

4. Top tips on maintaining a healthy wardrobe/ keeping your clothes well etc.?

"Don’t over wash your clothes- meaning don’t wash the items more often than you need to and don’t wash them as harshly as you might be tempted.  For example, use lower temperatures and lower spin modes.  The lighter you go on the softener, the better.  And make sure to clean your washing machines, and remove the lint from dryers – you would be surprised what a difference this makes."

Check out more on their website: and follow their Instagram page @thehappyspaceco.


Limited time offer

For any HULA purchase over $3000HKD (single transaction) starting from today, 8 Jan, you will receive a virtual organizing session from us where we will help you troubleshoot any organizing challenges you may be having in your closet.  We will advise you on the best products to use, where to get them, and what systems you can put in place for a more efficient and streamlined morning getting ready!