Denim Reimagined: The R Collective X Jesse Lee X Levi's

Denim Reimagined: The R Collective X Jesse Lee X Levi's

by HULA on Jun 16, 2020

[caption id="attachment_10619" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Denim Reimagined - The R Collective X Jesse Lee X Levis. Shop the collection at HULA from 19 June for a limited period.[/caption]  

"Rescue. Reuse. Reimagined. " 

  A slightly different take on your usual 3 Rs. It is the core value and motto that takes The R Collective forward in the march of eco-sustainability. For those who are not familiar with the Hong Kong-based upcycling apparel company, its mission is to "create beautiful clothes" from discarded material sourced from Redress -- a Hong Kong-based charity founded by Dr. Christina Dean with a goal to reduce waste in fashion.      Since its launch in 2007, the brand has focused on quality instead of quantity, slow fashion instead of fast. It continues to bring sleek, minimalistic and timeless designs from collection to collection. Despite the challenges brought forth by 2020, The R Collective keeps delivering insightful, modern and beautiful solutions to the apparel industry.      This time around, The R Collective has partnered up with designer and 2018 Redress Design Award winner, Jesse Lee, to create the brand's latest collection -- Denim Reimagined. As a fashion designer, Lee's main skillset is upcycling and reconstruction -- something that he has had a rich experience in when he designed and created his stunning AND winning 2018 Redress Design Award Collection. Carrying the brand's traditions to use high-quality leftover stock from top brands, the collection repurposes aged stock and leftover samples from Levi's. Each denim piece from Denim Reimagined is carefully and cleverly cut, crafted and stitched together from unassembled pattern pieces of previous designs to form new and unique designs to minimise fabric waste.     The R Collective has gone the extra mile to integrate digital footprints of each product -- from the story behind the collection to the sourcing of fabric and product aftercare, into each and every one of the designs of the collection in the form of a QR code clothing label. From The R Collective to you, all the steps that have made and will make the design durable and sustainable (i.e. less energy-intensive washing and drying tips and ways to properly recycle the piece at the end of its life) are all recorded in the little piece of fabric QR code tag.  Us at HULA is pleased to announce that we're stocking the latest denim collection -- Denim Reimagined, along with their previous collections at our Warehouse space in Wong Chuk Hang from June 19 June for a limited period, so you can get an added option of trying the items on in our space before you make your purchase.