How to Style: Burberry Cropped Trench

How to Style: Burberry Cropped Trench

by HULA on Jan 14, 2021

Every year, the trench coat trend inevitably comes back. We've seen extra extra long (floor length) trench coats, leather trench coat, wool trench coat, but we've yet to see cropped trench coats re-circulating the fashion calendar! For all of you petite ladies, this one is for you.

Burberry Cropped Trench

A cropped trench lets you travel in style without all the extra fabric. Smaller girls will know the troubles of taking off their long coat and having to hold it indoor while trying to trot around without stepping on the big pile of fabric they're carrying around. A cropped trench allows layering which can be shown either on the front of back of the coat, be it your fav oversized shirt or our exaggerated Dion Lee jumper. If the temp gets warmer, ditch your jumper and swap for our vintage YSL cropped top.      

Sir the Label Set

  Outfit 1:
Dion Lee Comme Moi Bottega Veneta Saint Laurent
  Outfit 2:
YSL Bottega Veneta Balenciaga Celine