TV Fashion: Taking Notes from Queer Simpsons Character

TV Fashion: Taking Notes from Queer Simpsons Character

by HULA on Jun 04, 2021


June 2021 marks the 52nd Pride Month since the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in New York City. Queer culture and humour has flourished online since the conception of the internet, and not to mention that even the more traditional outlet of media -- television, has been seeing more and more inclusive content. To commemorate 2021 Pride Month, we've decided to do a feature on some of the queer characters of the all-time-fave satirical sitcom show -- The Simpsons. One of the earliest and most popular shows to openly portray queer characters and normalise their experiences, we are interested to see whether we can take any fashion notes from these unapologetically queer Simpsons characters. 

[caption id="attachment_13818" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Fendi fuchsia shoulder bag, Miu Miu patterned tube dress, Lanvin pearl necklace and Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers[/caption]


Lisa Simpsons aka the Lizard Queen and champion of climate change, animal rights and gender equality over the past three decades. Fans have been speculating Lisa's queerness over hints and gags throughout the series: in season 29, 'Mr Lisa's Opus' flashes forward to an 18-year-old Lisa who's about the attend Harvard University, by the end of the episode, Lisa holds hands with a girl who she hints may be "more than a friend" ; in season 23 episode 'Holiday of Future Passed' opens with a montage of photos which looks ahead to the family's future. In one of the pictures, Lisa is seen holding hands with two women on the sofa, hint at a queer, polyamorous future for our Lizard Queen. As far as character design goes, Lisa is never seen without her signature red A-lined dress and a massive pearl necklace. Cop this look with our Miu Miu dress and Lanvin pearl necklace, pair with some red tartan Golden Goose for a cutesy look that the forever-eight-year-old rocks so well.     [caption id="attachment_13819" align="aligncenter" width="801"] Saloni shirt, Carven blue shorts, Louis Vuitton oxfords and Prada wallet[/caption]


A music teacher, whom Lisa credited with proving that any piece of music could have the soul sucked out of it. A very non-creative conductor who's depressed and hot tempered and only teaches simple, boring and unoriginal sons. Underneath all of that, Largo once wanted to have a sex change operation to look like Julie Newmar and was a gay pride parade go-er when he was still in his collage years. He eventually quits being a music teacher after finding his soulmate who's also called Dewy and stays at home all day while Dewy works. Here's how to make one of the worst characters on the show interesting in real life: take Dewy's best colour (i.e. purple) and choose your top, we've picked the Saloni sheer shirt because that could very well be the opposite of an uninspiring music teacher outfit; coupled with a pair of navy purple shorts to go with the overall colour scheme and an pair of Louis Vuitton oxfords to better represent the nerdiness more fashionably.     [caption id="attachment_13820" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Burberry blue cardigan, D&G Crossbody bag, Celine loafers, Versace houndstooth suspender minidress and Anderne sunglasses[/caption]


This legendary musician does not need an introduction and that goes the same for his Simpsons character (which is also voiced by the British singer himself). The Simpsons Elton is almost the exact replica of the real life Elton, except the Simpsons Elton is mostly seen doing off-camera and daily activities like doing laundry. We all know Elton loves a good stand-out flamboyant look, with the finishing touch of his dramatic goggle sunglasses. Cop his look with a blue Burberry cardigan to go match with his Simpsons character's blue blazer, a pair of rounded sunglasses and his real life favourites -- some good loafers. [caption id="attachment_13821" align="aligncenter" width="801"] DVF silk patterned wrap top, Maje skorts, Sergio Rossi slides and Fendi micro 'Monster' baguette bag[/caption]


One of the two gay men whom Homer Simpsons briefly stays with in an apartment in Springfield's gay district. He has a long string of ex-boyfriends, girlfriend, husband and wife throughout his appearances. This multi-talent Costa Rican is a calendar photography, hairdresser, 'Forever 21 Waist' retail staff and later a manager of a night club.  To emulate Julio's fun-loving and artistic energy, we picked an abstract patterned DVF wrap top with a pair of patterned skorts just to match with his love for prints, adding a pair of slides and a micro bag to add some playful and casual element into the outfit.