Our Favourite Brands for Prints

Our Favourite Brands for Prints

by Marga Cheng on Aug 19, 2022

Prints are back, louder and better than ever! From classic to contemporary prints, featuring splashes of animal patterns and geometric shapes, there are so many different variations for you to play with to add some self-expression and fun to your outfits. Another reason why we are so excited to show off some of our favorite print brands is because they add layers and personality to your outfits in ways that minimal, monochrome clothing can’t. Honestly, we’re all for this print craze. Check out some of our favorite brands for all things printed!

Dries Von Noten

As an influential designer and name brand, Dries Van Noten has some of the most unique prints and cuts. With a strong desire to keep his clothes wearable but chic, Van Noten’s clothes are the perfect addition to your closet if you’re looking to add in some stand-out prints. 



Known for their paisley prints, Etro’s clothing typically features a unique swirling design. Years ago, the brand’s textile head, Jacopo Etro, took a trip to India which inspired the textiles know  iconic to Etro. If you’re out to make a statement, this brand is the way to go. 


If you’re looking for lightweight, more delicate pieces which still feature a series of prints, you have to check out some of our favorite Missoni pieces. Their clothes are filled with a combination of stripes, plaids, patched and ethnic prints which come together to create vivid patterns on their comfortable clothing. 

Roberto Cavalli

Exotic is the best way to describe Roberto Cavalli’s pieces. With a mix of creative prints and exquisite materials, Cavalli has made a name in the industry for his extravagant glamor. His signature pieces are typically dresses and are bound to make eyes turn on any occasion. 


Hailing from the Prince of Prints (Emilio Pucci FYI), Pucci has crafted such a revolutionary and distinct print design. His pieces are inspired by movement and freedom and are well-known to feature a series of brilliant colors. One look at a Pucci piece and you’re mood is just lifted by those patterns and colors! 

Diane von Furstenberg

With her revolutionary wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg took the entire world by storm. Combining that with a series of comfortable, stand-out prints, the brand became unstoppable in the world of fashion. Until this day, her new whimsical prints continue to rock the industry.