HULA's Conscious Shopping Checklist

HULA's Conscious Shopping Checklist

by Wong Chuk Hang HULA on Jan 14, 2023

Our Jan 2023 sale is here. Just because prices are slashed, we still want to encourage everyone to shop consciously. Here is HULA’s checklist to doing just that:

1. Follow the 30 Wear Rule

If you can imagine yourself wearing this piece 30 times or more, it means that it's a good investment. Making good use of your clothes, rather than buying them for 1-time use is one simple way to shop consciously. It also means that you’re staying away from trendier items which we only tend to wear for a season or less.

2. Think About Durability

When you’re picking up a new item, make sure it's of good quality. You don’t want to be buying an item that won’t last that long. At HULA, we make sure to only take pieces that are top quality and will age well. If you’re looking for your next winter jacket, make sure it's a piece that will last being stored over the summer and keep its quality year after year.

3. Know Your Wardrobe

We all have our preferences when it comes to fashion, so it becomes extremely easy to buy two (or more) of some very similar pieces. One way to avoid doing this, especially during a sale, is to know what is in your closet and which pieces still fit you. You see that cute jacket on the sale rack? Think about whether you already have something like it before buying it.

4. Ask Yourself 'Why?'

Really ask yourself 'Why do you want it?' Think about whether you absolutely love this piece or you're seeing through those SALE goggles on.