HULA x SALONI Girls Round Up

HULA x SALONI Girls Round Up

by HULA on Aug 27, 2020

Stepping into the second week and the last drop of the HULA x SALONI Sample Sale, we're rounding up some of the best-dressed women in the mesmerising pieces. For those who are still not quite sure about prints, we've also asked them some questions about their tips and tricks on how to style their colourful prints. Scroll down to see what they've come up with! 

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Emily Kelleher, CEO & Founder of WELL, Magazine Asia and a Mummy of Four


What does it mean to you to dress "sustainably"?

To me, dressing sustainably means dressing in a way that has a minimal environmental effect. For me, it starts with mindfulness. I try to be mindful about the things that I bring into my wardrobe. Each piece is special, and each piece is intended to stay with me. I try my best to avoid impulse purchases or buying occasional pieces. I try to fill my wardrobe with pieces that can be worn over and over again and styled many different ways. I also try to stay away from trendy pieces. Instead, I focus on timeless items that will be relevant forever.  

What draws you to the SALONI pieces and why?

I’m drawn to the tailoring and craftsmanship of Saloni pieces. The way the dresses hug the body is something really special. I also am really drawn to all the unique prints (albeit a bit out of my comfort zone). You will definitely stand out wearing a piece from Saloni, and don’t be surprised if multiple people ask you, “where’d you get that dress?!?”  

We know you love a good minimalistic look, which creates quite a strong contrast with the SALONI dresses, how exactly would you advise all the lovely ladies with a similar style to navigate their SALONI pieces?

My advice for minimalists like myself is to try pairing your bold Saloni piece with some of your favourite staple items. I loved wearing a bold printed Saloni dress with my favourite black blazer, and I would love to try styling some of their beautiful skirts with a simple white tee. Mix and match and don’t be afraid to add some color and print once in a while!  

As you may know 5% of the HULA x SALONI Sample Sale goes to the Invisible Girl Project, an international organisation that’s based in India which rescues vulnerable girls susceptible to gendercide and trafficking. As a dedicated mother yourself, is there anything you’d like to contribute to the conversation of the protection of young girls?

As a mother of four, with three young daughters, this cause is very near to my heart. I think it’s very important that we educate and inform our children- it starts with that. Many of our children are very privileged, especially if they’re growing up in Hong Kong. It’s important that they understand how fortunate they are, and that there are many children all over the world who experience quite the opposite. Education and information will spark actions, big and small.    
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Karen Wong, Co-Founder of OnAirCollective and Digital Director of WOM Guide; Mummy of a Baby Daughter


We absolutely love your relationship with your daughter. We know it’s hard to juggle between being a mother and being a kickass businesswoman — how do you manage to oversee the operations of your ventures — OnAirCollection and WOM Guide and raising your daughter

It's definitely the most challenging thing I've ever experienced, there's no perfect balance between these roles and I realised I just have to accept the fact that I just can't do everything by myself! It's a give or take for sure, but I think I am quite lucky to have all the help offered by my family and my team, it's always important to remind myself that it is OKAY to ask for help! I ain't any Superwomen, just someone who loves my family as well as my career!  

Top tips for mamas out there to look their best when they are running on less than 5 hours of sleep each night because of their children?

  Rethink and redo your wardrobe, simple and timeless is everything! For the mamas who only spend less than 15 mins to dress themselves everyday (like I do), it's important to invest in pieces that are simple but still stylish! Adding a little touch on your look with jewellery is also a hack I've discovered, it elevates your look in such a simple move (that no one will actually know how much you sleep on average!).  

Walk us through your SALONI look in the picture above — are there any tips you swear by when wearing prints?

This dress I've picked from Saloni is like "love at first sight", golden brown and white are definitely my color scheme and when you look closer, there are actually really beautiful details on the fabric, which caught my eye immediately! I like prints but it's so important to avoid making my overall look too complicated or busy, I would go for a sleek hair style and make up so that the print can stand out from everything else!  

As you may know 5% of the HULA x SALONI Sample Sale goes to the Invisible Girl Project, an international organisation that’s based in India which rescues vulnerable girls susceptible to gendercide and trafficking. As a dedicated mother yourself, is there anything you’d like to contribute to the conversation of the protection of young girls?

It's a conversation that should be raised years ago, and not only it's a serious issue in India, it reminds us that there are so many children out there deserves a safe environment, somewhere they can live and play without having to worry about their safety at all, which we've been always taking it for granted. Having a little daughter now motivates me to speak up and take action on the issues that has been happening around us, being a bystander is no longer an option and we are more powerful when we unite!    
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Lynda Willoughby, A Full Time Mother of 2 Boys


Lynda, you're the perfect spokeswoman for printed dresses. What are you pointers when you are given over 100+ of SALONI pieces to choose from and why?

I love SALONI for its floral print dresses in realistic patterns or abstract, and anything crafted from silk to keep cool when the temperature climbs. Two-piece skirt set is my weakness and my joy to everyday dressing. I love them styled together as an outfit ensemble, or styled as separates with classic wardrobe pieces. Also, when styled with the right accessories can be worn to occasions from sunrise to cocktail parties at sunset. Currently, I’m stalking several SALONI two-piece skirt sets and floral print dresses with fitted silhouettes, and dainty details. There is a certain graceful charm to the SALONI style of dresses. I love the vibrant short length dresses - perfect for the next date night spent dining alfresco. While, the maxi floor-length dresses are both glam and cozy enough to chill out in at home.  

What are your tips for our readers to dress more smartly — in terms of visual and also sustainability?

Work out your style in five pieces, this way when you look in your wardrobe for something to wear, you will feel like you actually have a variety of options readily available. My style in five pieces: Feminine print dress with a high slit and showing just the right amount of leg. Ballet flat style shoe or open toe flat sandal. Pearl drop earrings. Hair headband. Handbag with long shoulder straps or a basket bag.  

If you could only wear one (printed) dress from day to night — Mama duties to a dinner party, how would you style your look?

I have a major appetite for dresses. I love the combination of feminine silhouette and pretty prints. SALONI is gracefully authentic and always beautiful to wear. My go-to designer for pretty floral print dresses. PaIREDwith a pair of Hermes flat H sandals with dainty jewellery, and pearl earrings plus a basket bag. The styling is so versatile and easy-to-wear. It is the perfect solution to looking effortlessly glam and also comfortable.  

What can people do right now to contribute to the circular economy?

Reducing wardrobe carbon footprint and being part of a circular fashion is important. When it comes to buying clothing, choose fabrics wisely, and opt for eco-friendly materials. Try to avoid buying non-biodegradable materials such as synthetic fiber and polyester (which has an immense impact on our Earth). Be a conscious consumer and your own wardrobe activist, and only buy things that you absolutely love, and wear it multiple times on high-rotation. Take care of them and you will treasure them forever. Shop pre-loved - there are plentiful clothes readily available and hardly worn out there looking to be re-homed in your wardrobe. Join a community fashion swap or start your own with friends, so you can get new clothes in a sustainable way.  

Walk us through your SALONI look

I’ve styled the SALONI sheer floral blouse and paired it with the flower-skirt. This style combination is so chic especially when you don’t feel like wearing a dress. The two-piece ensemble can be flattering on most body shapes. I love how I can tuck in the blouse into the skirt, and have a cinched-in look showing a stunning silhouette. The combination of the two different florals and colours compliment each other effortlessly. It’s a feminine fashion take and I would wear this look from desk-to-drinks on a Friday, but only in a creative office environment. The look is also perfect for dinner date nights or meeting the parents (for the first time).