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Lindsay Watanabe

Fashion Buyer - Miu Miu

Lindsay Watanabe is a  Fashion Buyer at Miu Miu in Hong Kong and started out her career working for Comme des Garcons in Paris, which later lead to her taking on buying roles at Dover St Market in London, Pedder Group and Joyce Boutique in Hong Kong. Studying Classical Literature at university, paved the path for her excitement for costume, history and story-telling, which later inspired her personal style. Eclectic and always unexpected - she has been known to have worn some of the most avant-garde, over-the-top, layered and ruffled runway pieces, making her tiny frame even more 'doll-like'. We talk to Lindsay about her style and passions;

How would you describe your style? 
My style is a bit schizophrenic but here are some words that jump to mind: experimental, romantic, renaissance and grunge.

What do you love about what you do?
The excitement and anticipation I feel just before I watch the Miu Miu show each season. Miuccia’s aesthetics change so radically each time so I’m always wondering, “whatever will she do next?”

How did you begin your career in fashion? 
I moved to Paris, walked into the Comme des Garcons store, gave them my biggest smile and asked them for a job – the rest is history…

Which icons were you inspired by as a teenager? 
Madonna, Bjork and Axl Rose!!

What is your most treasured vintage piece you have ever found and how did you come across it? 
A Comme des Garcons coat - it’s a hybrid mixture of a mans overcoat, and Victorian lace dress. I found it at a warehouse sale many, many years after I had seen it on the catwalk.

Tell us why you love your favourite brand. 
My favourite brand is Comme des Garcons. I think Rei Kawakubo is a magician; her clothes transform you into another being entirely.

Which is your favourite city for finding hidden treasures? 
Tokyo has amazing vintage stores; it’s perfect if you can get a tour of these hidden gems from someone who lives there.

If you were the most renowned craftswomen in your field, what would you love to create? 
Sometimes I design clothes in my sleep but I can never recreate these visions once I’m awake… so maybe this is my secret yearning!

Which era would you live, if you could travel back in time? 
Renaissance Italy… definitely! (I always joke that I was somehow born into the wrong century!)

Which famous art -piece resembles you the most? 
The Pre-Raphaelite painting Ophelia (I think she is actually wearing Valentino ;)


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