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Olivia Tsang


Olivia Tsang is a renowned photographer amongst Hong Kong's fashion and celebrity circles and since a young age knew this would be her vocation; “I've always thought I'd be a painter since I was little but in high school in New Zealand I became more and more interested in fashion photography. Later in university I knew this would be the only job I wanna do. I love the speed of being able to capture romanticism!”. Olivia’s clients include Post Magazine, Harpar’s Bazaar, I.T and South China Morning Post as well as a personal stylist to Hong Kong actor, Andy Lau. 

What has been keeping you busy?
One of the projects that are close to my heart, I just finished shooting the upcoming issue of I.T POST.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Simple, mobile, changing.

Which designer brand currently lights your fire?
I love Balenciaga, from casting, design, music to campaign, its so modern and clean but fun while all backed up with technique and concepts.

Did you ever miss the chance to buy something you hope to one day find on HULA?
I would search for Christian Louboutin’s legendary thigh high boots with 23 buttons the “Ron Fifi”. They still blow my mind. HULA is like a treasure hunt / fashion archive in many ways.

What is the one piece in your wardrobe you would sleep in, if you could?!
My high waist skinny jeans! 

Who is your female style icon?
Cindy Sherman (American feminist photographer), I fell in love with her work in my university years and I extended the loan from school library so many times.

What item do you often think about, that is no longer with you?
I had a Oscar de la Renta black silk vintage cocktail dress from the 60’s with appliqué flower around the edge which I lost when I was moving apartment!

Who makes the best red carpet gowns?
Actually I really like how Versace makes the sexiest and most amazing evening gowns, the fitting, the beading are so right and never gets old.

How would the world be a better place right now?
Hard work instead of social media posts.


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