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Jasmine Smith

Founder of RAVEN + ROSE

Jasmine Smith is the founder of RAVEN+ROSE lingerie; a style which could be described as the perfect balance between Siouxsie Sioux and Lou Doillon. Jasmine is a proud working mother and manages to balance her leather, coffee and bra obsessions with “being a mum to the coolest kid” and with another on its way.

What are you working on at the moment?
#OwnYourBody - It is a photography series developed to highlight the sexual ethos of RAVEN + ROSE via various body shapes and personalities that feel connected to lingerie and what it represents.  I partnered with photographer Sever Mican and through his lens, we celebrate the distinctiveness of the self-styled females we shoot.  The imagery produced is all about sensualness and sexiness void of ‘the male gaze’.

What made you want your own lingerie brand?
Lingerie is a platform I use to project my female ethos, my style orientation, my story-telling skills and my backbone in fashion design. During my years in University I designed, sewed and sold lingerie, then while working as a Fashion Stylist for both media publications as well as individuals, lingerie again played an essential part in the way I dressed and styled. 

Whose wardrobe would you love to see on HULA?
A little voyeuristic look in to the sartorial life of New Zealand rock sensation LORDE would be amazing!

Which female designers inspire you?
The designer transformations of Victoria Beckham and the Olsen Twins have been a huge source of inspiration for me.  All three females took their deeply embedded careers and beautifully manipulated them into the background in order to successfully pursue (award winning!) roles as Fashion Designers.  Seemingly effortlessly done but without a doubt mastered via strategic genius!

Has lingerie dictated fashion?
Think of the perky/pointy breasts of the 60's, the 80's implants that resembled grapefruits, the smaller, more athletic busts of the 90's... Lingerie plays a part in shaping your breasts into fashions ideal – and fashion represents the current social climax – together, lingerie and fashion make for the most telling partnership.  I love the intimacy that lingerie and fashion balance together – it is the perfect compliment!

What are your earliest memories of being inspired by someone’s look?
The 90's version of Drew Barrymore was my EVERYTHING when it came to a style icon!  I had the short hairspray-heavy-hair, the blue-tinted round glasses and seriously over-plucked eye-brows!  I lined my lips with brown eyeliner and wore velvet chokers partnered with those grunge factor baby-doll dresses with a white tight tee underneath. I owned Docs (Dr.Martins) in 'Cherry Red' of course and knew exactly how to nail thrift-store shopping... all thanks to Drew!


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