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Christina Dean

Founder of Redress

Founder of Redress, the environmental charity with a mission to promote sustainability in the fashion industry to inspire positive changes in the fashion industry; from how clothes are made, worn and disposed. 

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m busy working on expanding our sustainable fashion design competition, The EcoChic Design Award, which is now the biggest in the world, that has just opened to the US. I’m putting the final touches to our consumer guide, Conscious Closet, which will hit bookstores later this year. I am also polishing off our first TV documentary 'Frontline Fashion' about sustainable fashion, as well as a new fashion brand that operates sustainably called BYT, that launches in September 2017!

Tell us about Redress
I’m passionate about continuing to love fashion but with a lighter environmental load and more ethical footprint. The fashion industry is the world’s second most polluting industry and it causes horrific devastation to people’s health and our planet. But fashion is such a basic human need – along with our food and fuel needs – and so we collectively need to find  a new way to love fashion. I think fashion can be force for good and that’s why I believe in the positive power of fashion!

What would be the one iconic designer piece you would search for on HULA?
Anything truly vintage that looks timeless and relevant today would make me drool; it proves my belief that we can still dress elegantly but without driving more clothes to be produced. This makes me feel elegant and ethical on the inside and the outside.

What is your favourite quote?
‘Fashion is a reflection of our times’ by Anna Wintour. I love this quote because as our time becomes more sensitized towards ethics, so too can fashion be transformed into something more meaningful.

What is your most treasured vintage piece you have ever found and how did you come across it?
I have a vintage Valentino wool dress, complete with eighties look at me shoulder pads, which I bought at one of our pop up charity shops. Despite being chronologically ancient in fashion terms, it feels timeless to me. 






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