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Leith Clark

Style Director of Harper's Bazaar UK & Founder of Violet Book

Leith Clark is a Canadian-born editor and stylist, living in London. Style Director for Harper’s Bazaar UK, personal stylist to Keira Knightly. Leith got her start at British Vogue and then went on to be the founder of Lula magazine - of which she served as editor for 8 years. In 2014 she founded the Violet Book, a magazine dedicated to celebrating talented women including filmmakers, artists, politicians, mothers and grandmothers. Throughout Leith’s work, her passion and message has alway been focused on empowering women. 

What are you working on at the moment? 
My second collection of glasses for Warby Parker (Leith Warby Parker), a cover shoot for Harper's Bazaar and just launched the sixth issue of Violet.

Who are your favourite designer brands? 
Erdem, Gucci, Charles Anastase, Rochas, Vivetta, Michael Van Der Ham, Chanel, Valentino...

Who’s style do you admire and why? 
Kim Sion, Joanna Newsom and the Farrow sisters circa 1960’s.

What in your wardrobe can you not live without? 
Dresses from the Celia Bertwell Valentino collection. I probably wear them more than everything else.

What are your earliest memories of being inspired by someone else’s style? 
The Childlike Empress in the Neverending story. I envied Mary Ingalls' purple dress. Anne of green gables' puffed sleeves. The orphans in Annie. Yasmeen bleeth in the film "babe" - she wore star glasses and roller skates and sometimes just a slip. 


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