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Diana d'Arenberg

Arts & Culture Writer, founder of Post-ism

Diana is a Hong Kong and Berlin-based writer and founder of Post-ism, who has the dream job of traveling around the world looking at art and meeting inspiring artists to write about. With a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Film Studies and a Masters in International Relations, Diana has contributed to publications including: Harper’s Bazaar, LEAP (China) and Christie’s and was the former co-founder of Framed, an independent Hong Kong art and culture magazine dedicated to profiling local and international artists, collectors, and designers. Occasionally, Diana likes to entertain by singing The Blues and rock songs.

How would you describe your style?
All black everything. A bit of rock, Goth and pin-up thrown into a blender.

Which Style personality’s wardrobe would you love to see on HULA and why?
Daphne Guinness and Michelle Lamy

What would be the one iconic designer piece you would search for on HULA?
Has to be Alexander McQueen’s embroidered felt wool cape from the AW13 collection and the embroidered gold feather coat 

What are your memories of being inspired by someone's look?
Robbie Smith from The Cure and The Sandman comic book is responsible for some really misguided hair choices when I was a kid. 

What is your most treasured piece a friend passed on from their own wardrobe?
A fabulous red lips clutch given to me by Yaz Bukey after we danced to Cabaret in the streets of Paris. I love it!

What is your most treasured vintage piece you have ever found?
A beautiful transparent 200 year-old kimono I found in Berlin by accident. It survived a couple of centuries but sadly didn’t survive one night with me on the dance floor doing the bat dance. My heart breaks. I also love my laser cut leather McQueen jacket. It’s drama! I looked everywhere for this for months! 

What is the best Xmas present ever received?
A selection of first edition books by some of my favourite modern writers given to me by my husband.

Where was your most memorable Xmas?
The Arctic to see the Northern Lights, which was incredible. 


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