Tips from San Francisco: Self-Quarantine & Work from Home

by HULA , April 10, 2020
Angie Lau (@angietvlau)

With most of the world stuck at home for weeks on end due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a lot of the isolated are tearing out their hair trying to keep themselves sane from all the news, social distancing and homeschooling.  In the last few weeks we have been interviewing women of different industries, nationalities all over the world to bring to you the best tips for self-quarantine and working from home because life goes on even when the world is under siege from this deadly virus. Whether you’re a mother juggling between working from home and keeping the kids entertained, or stuck in a foreign country alone fearing that going back home might bring something nasty to your family members, we hope the series ignites positive energy and brings practical tips that can guide you through this journey.

We shed some light on the situation in MilanSydneySeoul and New York last time. This week, we’re honoured to be interviewing a Hong-Kong based CEO and founder of Forkast.News, — Angie Lau. Speaking from San Francisco, Angie talks us through her pandemic-daily-routine and some words to live by during this time.

Where are you and what do you do?

I’m based in Hong Kong. But right now, I’m in San Francisco (I had come for meetings and to hang with sister here). Now we are here for the time being as the whole world goes into self-isolation for preservation! Thankfully, as CEO and founder of Forkast.News, I’m already used to leading a decentralized team — we just juggle time zones really well and have our favorite work apps to smooth our workflow.



What is it like where you are right now? 

Since the self-isolation “shelter in place” order was issued (San Francisco surrounding areas), we can’t leave the home except for food or medicine. There’s a sense of camaraderie about sharing a common awful experience. Everyone is taking it in stride (because there’s no other alternative)!



What is the biggest impact the virus has had on your every day, social or work life?

It’s broadened my perspective. You can let fear lead you, or you can lead in spite of it. Everything we’ve considered routine is no longer an option. Which means there is an opportunity to develop new ways to do old things. In any business, that kind of thinking takes you everywhere.



Are there any positive that you have discovered or seen people take up?

Everything is going digital. I’ve seen people do online raves and dance parties, livestream comedy shows, and web conferences. Where there is a will, there’s a way!


What is your top tip for self-quarantining/social isolation?

Nurture the positive. Our humanity is not just about surviving, it is about how we take care of ourselves and each other.  Take ownership of your time and how you spend it. Spend it with grace, resilience, and good spirits — let that truly be contagious to the people around you.  It’s all we’ve got in the face of this unseen enemy.