How to Style a Mask (Like. For Real.)

by HULA , February 7, 2020
Image Courtesy of WGSN

Face masks have unfortunately become a large part of our lives these days, as a way of keeping good health as well as providing us some well-needed ‘personal space’. As the current situation of Coronavirus carries plenty of emotional weight, we at HULA wanted to take a break with some lighthearted humour and style. Check out some of the most popular styles of medical masks* that we have seen on the streets and get some tips on how you can style your mask:

*Be advised that not all mask styles are recommended for the current situation and that we at HULA do not advise one mask over another.


Pitta Mask

1. Ann Demeulemeester 2. Céline 3. Hogan 4. Adidas Originals 5. Bruno Cucinelli

For the edgiest of individuals, the Pitta mask shows off an image of being street savvy and ultimately cool. Layer-draped utilitarian pieces (monochromatic black is certainly the best to match the mask) in order to achieve an urban-ninja aesthetic. 

Blue Surgical Mask

1. Chanel 2. Chanel 3. Chanel 4. Fendi

The blue surgical mask can inspire the preppy-nurse in you; lady-like, refined and somewhat ‘proper’. We went pure-Chanel in tones of baby blue to complement the mask’s femininity, paired with some bejewelled Fendi Sandals – adding bit of sparkle to lift any spirit!

N95 Mask

1. Céline 2. Tom Ford 3. Alexander Wang 4. Fendi 5. Joshua Sanders

The N95 mask looks great with street-wear. A pair of joggers and chunky sneakers with a pop of colour are the perfect match to the industrial nature of the mask.  When you have to run, you gotta be ready girl!

White Pleated Mask

1. Céline 2. Céline 3. Stella McCartney 4. Givenchy 5. Saint Laurent

Keep it white, keep in minimal, say nothing. The white mask works for any business attire as it is the most understated. We have kept this look luxurious with structured pieces from Celine and Saint Laurent keeping the overall colour palette calm. The way we intend the day to be!