Post-Event Photos: ‘Go Lucky’ with Thierry Chow

by HULA , January 24, 2020

Thank you for everyone who came to our ‘Go Lucky’ event! It was an honour to host our first-ever Chinese New Year party. We were stoked to have Feng Shui Designer and Master, Thierry Chow to share her view and tips on the age-old practice at our Wong Chuk Hang walk-in space, full of traditional Chinese New Year pastry and dim sum. 

Aside from the obvious benefits and popular beliefs of Feng Shui — helping boost your work, familial or romantic relationships, it surprisingly plays a huge part in affecting one’s mood. In Feng Shui terms, different colours and shapes represent different elements — water, earth, metal, fire and wood, and much like fashion there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. If we learnt anything at all from Thierry’s refreshing take on style and Feng Shui, it is to always “pick items that elevate your mood”. 

Other than playing dress-up with Thierry, we were delighted to showcase her range of Feng Shui Home Decor pieces, which are aimed to boost luck, fortune, health and creativity when put in the right place at homes. Unlike traditional Feng Shui decor, her ‘Go Lucky’ collection encases modern aesthetics, blending minimalism with the traditional Chinese art. Click here to order Thierry’s collection now 

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‘Go Lucky’ Red Wooden Bird: For enhancement on creativity, career, school work, relationship and love.
‘Go Lucky’ Marble Stone Dog: For enhancement of friendship, relationships, career and work
‘Go Lucky’ Golden Aluminium Ox: For enhancement on health, overall wellness, work and health

Click here to see our CNY pick! (Based on Thierry’s suggestions)