The Long Boot Guide

by HULA , December 27, 2019

Tall boots are the staple of most fall/winter looks. They look great with a pant or a skirt whilst keeping your legs nice and toasty. The styles of tall boots (from knee high to thigh high) vary extensively and give off different messages. Check out our picks for tall boots to kick off your new year:


The Equestrian  

The timelessness of the equestrian style boot can give any outfit a sleek and preppy energy. They can be found on runways of eclectic brands such as Gucci, as well as the classics such as Ralph Lauren. The simplicity allows for other statement items to sing within a look, yet hold their own as a polished piece. 

HULA’s Must Haves:

1. Lanvin  2. Céline 3. Burberry


The New Romantics

Take a page out of the 1980’s aesthetic of the New Romantics, where anti-fashion musicians were inspired by Victorian and Punk Rock sensibilities. The boot of this style is typically chunky, buckled or laced up to give off a pirate-esque effect. This style of boot gives a romantic rocker edge to any fall or winter look.

HULA’s Must Haves:

1. Chloé 2. Alaïa 3. Ralph Lauren


Animal Fever

Ankle, knee-high or over-the-knee boots, fashion gurus and designers from all over the world can’t seem to resist the seduction of animal prints. For a cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable alternative, treat yourself to a pair of faux leather boots. Pair your kicks with a skirt with matching colour or prints for the ultimate animal print look.

HULA’s Must Haves:

1. Christian Louboutin 2. Manolo Blahnik 3. Bally



Designed by Roger Vivier while working for Yves-Saint Laurent in the 60s, the first prototypes of over-the-knee boots were designed to tightly hug the shape the wearers’ calves. They were the connotations of femininity and sexuality back then. Nowadays, over-the-knee boots take many different shapes and forms. As of 2019, the fashion realm has seen a surge of extremely loose-fitting boots and we’re here for it! 

HULA’s Must Haves:

1. Isabel Marant 2. Gucci 3. Guiseppe Zanotti 


The New Nudes

It is no secret that one of the top trends on 2019 was dressing in monochrome. This will most likely bleed over into the 2020s, and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to style icons like the Kardashians and other taste-makers alike, wearing monochrome in the shades of nude has been the epitome of effortless and youthful sophistication. A simple boot in a nude shade can be the ultimate statement when creating a monochrome masterpiece.

HULA’s Must Haves:

1. Balenciaga 2. Stuart Weitzman 3. Christian Louboutin