You’re Invited: HULA Holidays Pop Up and Party

by HULA , November 1, 2019

You are invited to a curated HULA Holidays Pop Up and party, comprising some of the best sustainability-minded (and mostly local) brands;  AP Cult, Bydeau, Get.Give, Lavolio, Malabar Baby & Purearth to offer an array of conscious-gifting whether its for your partner, mom, dad, friends or even the little ones. 

As well as giving back to charity, HULA wanted to bring together the best sustainable products, without compromising on style or design under one roof, a ‘one-stop-shop’ so we can help you save time, save money, buy better, gift better – all whilst creating less negative impact to mother earth.

Come along to do your holidays shopping and join us for our holiday party too!



Fri 29 Nov, 5 – 9pm



Thu 14 Nov – Sat 14 Dec 

Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 2-6pm

Sundays, public holidays and out-of-hours appointments can be made upon request.







T/ +852 2544 1511


Read more about each of the curated brand below;



1. Hand Stitched Toy – Tara the Tiger   2. Dohar Shawl Blanket

Malabar Baby is a lifestyle brand for babies and children made of the highest possible quality at an affordable price point. They work hard to research the finest factories, both in terms of quality of craftsmanship and also ensuring their pieces are ethically produced; such as working with factories owned by women whose staff have been employed for many years, being paid fairly and have good working conditions.  HULA will be showcasing items such as their hand-printed swaddles, blankets, bolsters and fun stuffed animals. @MalabarBabyOfficial



1. Mitti Clay – Face Masque  2. Sitara – Strobelighter Serum  3. Turmeric Sand – Exfoliant Face Masque

Purearth is a slow skincare brand where most of their ingredients are gathered at soaring altitudes of the Himalayas by micro-credit and women self-help groups. Through these partnerships, marginalised producers engage with urban markets on fair terms. As a social initiative, Purearth channels back proceeds through its Pure Purpose Foundation, a registered charitable company to support their social impact projects.  Purearth products are unisex – so there will be something for him too! @purearth



1. Soap Bar – Lavender Honey; Pinon Bar  2. Bottle Grinder Set  3. Personal Care Set

Get.Give provides a carefully curated selection of bespoke and artisan products by sourcing the finest quality items, and collaborating with like-minded boutique producers, to offer gifts that are both thoughtful and stand the test of time.  Get.Give will be showcasing their wonderful unisex gift-sets in wooden boxes, soup bars, body lotions and lifestyle products at HULA. @get.give



1. Wreaths

Bydeau’s mission is to create the perfect gift-giving and receiving experience with florals and lifestyle products. Bydeau uses recycled materials in their packaging, orders directly from eco-certified farms, and offers plastic-free wrapping options at check-out. Bydeau has highlighted plastic-free and plastic lite gifting options that are low on single-use plastic and waste. HULA will be showcasing their fresh wreaths, which can be kept even after they have dried, so they can last throughout the holidays. @givebydeau



1. 18K Gold Mother of Pearl Bracelet

AP Cult creates accessories using sustainable materials and natural stones and each piece is crafted to bring awareness to environmental and social issues.  AP Cult will be offering a new range of jewellery and accessories to gift the perfect gift and there will be the coolest cuff-links for him! @APCult



1. Decadent Spiced  2. Coconut Follis  3. Willam Morris Collection

Lavolio brings the finest sweets from Italian artisan ‘slow’ candy makers, beautifully packaged in an ornate tin, for an extraordinary gift experience. All their products are hand-made, gluten-free and delicious, and come in festive candy flavours such as; Nutty Forest, Decadent Spice, and Coconut Follies. The best thing is these are not available in Asia right now, so you get to experience them first! The candies are the best gift for anyone at any age and the tins are so beautifully printed that you will want to reuse them, even after all the contents have been gobbled-up! @ilovelavolio



During this pop-up, HULA will be donating a percentage of sales to benefit ImpactHK NGO to support and create awareness of those who are not fortunate enough to have a home, let alone friends or family to spend the holiday season with. ImpactHK believes in the importance of kindness in addressing the pressing problem of the homeless in Hong Kong. These acts of kindness have since made a positive impact on the plight of the homeless in Hong Kong, with 400 homeless individuals supported each week, 1500 meals served weekly, 53 homeless people housed and 33 homeless employed.



HULA will showcase 12 of the best-coveted products that would be on every girls’ wish list. These items will be auctioned to the highest bidder (a % to also benefit ImpactHK). Follow @joinhula to find out when these will be released!



Organising a festive party and want to do it with a conscious twist, or arranging a fun girls’ night out to find your ultimate party dresses during this period? What better way to celebrate and bond than over a private shopping experience with a group of like-minded ladies? Book an evening slot and HULA will also supply bubbles and nibbles (From 5+ guests).