by HULA , October 18, 2019

We had a blast last night at our HULA Happenings event with Asma Charles, Style Guru and the first Louis Vuitton in-house stylist in South East Asia to style the elite clientele of The Maison. From fashion enthusiasts to fashion industry insiders, we all learned something new about our body shape and how to style oneself by retraining our ‘camera-eye’ and perception.

Being surrounded by fashion as she was growing up (as her eccentric aunt was a couture designer) in a world of feathers, beads and luxurious fabrics, Asma told us how especially ‘visual’ she is, which prompted her to develop this presentation for her clients to show them how to use ‘their own lens’ to the best advantage.

Starting by debunking the popular beliefs that black can slim down any body shape, or how women always seem to wear high heels to look taller – when in fact there are other methods to look taller just by knowing with how to ‘dress taller’ and generally pushing the boundaries with how to style. Asma also couldn’t stress more how structured garments can help you look slimmer as it accentuate your body shape and can help conceal imperfections.

We learnt so much and left with an uplifting message that our body shapes should never stop anyone from experimenting with different colours, combinations and structures of garments. “You are the occasion no matter where we go… so please please dress for it!” exclaims Asma.

Thank you to all who came, hope you enjoyed it and see you at our next event!