Kering Goes Carbon Neutral

by HULA , October 4, 2019

Becoming carbon neutral has become a trend as of late. Designer Gabriela Hearst achieved a carbon neutral show this last season and soon after, Gucci followed suit. Now, at the G7 summit, the entire Kering group has announced they will become completely carbon neutral. This is all an effort to cut down on green-house-gasses (GHG) as the industry is a leader in GHG emissions. 

While this sounds fantastic, it does not mean that Kering will no longer emit GHG. Carbon neutrality relates to off-setting emissions that happen with stuff that ‘cancels it out.’ For example, Kering will be donating funds that they deem equal to their emissions to REDD+ projects. These projects promote forest conservation, local community support and biodiversity protection. It is a bit difficult to gage specific values for these components, but Kering stated that they are dedicated to accurately quantifying these numbers.

All brands that lay under the Kering umbrella (Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Venetta, Yves Saint Laurent, and several other luxury brands) must all abide by these new conditions for carbon neutrality. This includes each step of the supply-chain: adopting more eco-centric standards for fabric mills, manufacturing and general in-house energy efficiency. 

This dedication to efficiency from such a dynamo of the industry will hopefully spark excitement amongst other large fashion industry players. It is important to remember that fashion will most likely always be wasteful to a degree. If a brand wants to create no waste, they would have to cease to exist. However, at least now there are efforts to make-up for the harm that has been done and Kering is leading the way – one tree at a time.


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