Denise Ho: Creative Director of The R Collective

by HULA , August 30, 2019

Introducing Denise Ho, Hong Kong’s acclaimed stylist and Creative Director at The R Collective. Denise combines her passion for sustainable fashion, ethics, and styling expertise to exemplify thoughtfulness in her designs. We explore her inspirations and view on sustainability in fashion, as well as her advice on how she styles certain pieces from ‘Start From Zero’. 

What or who first inspired you to start your career in fashion and who is your muse at The R Collective?

My mom definitely inspired me to get into fashion. She was the buyer for Jean Paul Gaultier and at that time, fashion was still an untouchable luxury. My mom would introduce me to all her “fashion friends” and I was always so overwhelmed by how well put together they all were. 

I honestly don’t think I have a specific muse per se. But I am always inspired by women who are wise, elegant, career-driven and has great individual style. My designs are relevant to these interesting women and I learn from them every day.



With fast fashion on the rise within the past few decades, what keeps you grounded from getting sucked into ‘trends’?

I never really get sucked into trends even as a stylist. Working with Redress for the past 6 years definitely made me realise that it is important to say ‘No’ to fast fashion. It was easy to get caught up because fast fashion was everywhere. But fashion does have the power to change people’s minds in a very quick way and now people are a lot more conscious when they shop.

At what point in your career did you start to prioritise sustainability and why?  

I started when I had my kidswear brand. We were wasting so much fabric and money on sampling. Plus there is so much wastage in kidswear as they grow out of their clothing so quickly. I lost interest and didn’t want to do it anymore. 


What role do you think sustainability has in fashion and will have in the industry’s future? What about in your future? 

There are definitely a lot more technology solutions these days and I can see that everyone is working more closely together than ever. In the future, I do feel that sustainability will not be divided as another category, it will be mandatory for all fashion brands.

Has becoming a mother changed the way that you feel about humans’ impact and interaction with the World and ultimately, climate change? 

For sure, I definitely wanted to focus more on positive change. As a mother, it’s only natural that’s I am worried about the future and I just want the best for my baby.


Describe how you envision the future of The R Collective. How does the sustainable community catalyse positive change in the fashion industry?

It’s about growing that community who shares the same values. The R Collective started because we’re a counter effect with a serious problem that is happening in our industry today. I hope our customers will recognise this, start dialogues with one another because they love great clothes and share the same values. It’s all positive.


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