“Choose Well” Campaign

by HULA , December 14, 2017
  • Gloria yu - dolce & gabbana

I met Gloria Yu when I was still working at Lane Crawford (luxury retail store in Hong Kong). After I left the company, we stayed in touch and chatted about my new concept before HULA was conceived. Little did I know that Gloria was also a writer, an artist, a visionary, and also so passionate about fashion sustainability. She connected me to Christina Dean from the charity Redress, and we later featured Gloria and Christina separately as Style-Insiders on our site.

A few months ago, Gloria decided to relocate back to Hong Kong, so having the opportunity to work with her to create a project like this was inevitable and totally exciting. I knew Gloria would share a very similar vision and be able to create something that was eye-catching, thoughtful, and memorable yet tongue-in-cheek. These campaign images, titled ‘Choose Well’, showcase the designer brands we sell and highlight the quality and investment you get when you buy into them. Gloria cleverly modelled, styled, and photographed these images herself, which adds a voyeuristic depth.

– Sarah Fung, Founder of HULA on collaboration with Gloria Yu

Drawing from her background as a fashion designer and image maker, Gloria Yu explores the dynamic relationship between text and image, and the role of fashion advertising in influencing viewer values and behavior. Having previously become a fashion designer for the love of beauty, she only became aware of the impact the industry has on people and the environment the more she was immersed in it – until eventually her own part as an image creator was in scrutiny. By turning the camera on herself, she makes this scrutiny public. This series of work Choose Well is modelled, shot and styled by Yu. Like in her past fashion campaigns, she creates high octane aspirational realities. Unlike in her past fashion campaigns, in which the textual content plays a subordinate role to the photographic subjects, the roles are reversed – here, the literary message is made more impressionable by the supplement of imagery instead of the other way around. The title also pays homage to the phrase first coined by designer Vivienne Westwood ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’, honouring legacy designer houses and the importance of prioritizing clothing quality over quantity. Through her work and writing, Yu investigates different modes of communication and their effectiveness as call-to-actions in an era of attention economy and fast-consumerism.

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