The Healing Statement: A guide to AP Cult Stones

by HULA , August 16, 2019


As we prepare for our HULA Happenings Fashion Healing AP Cult event next week, we wanted to check out some of the stones AP Cult uses and the qualities they have. We all go through hardships in life. Sometimes we fight our own demons, sometimes we stand by the side of someone fighting their own battles. Wearing healing stones which are said to have absorbed the earth’s energies, promotes varying benefits. 



Agate stone, also known as Yemen, or immortal stone in the Middle East, is a natural stone, which has a special place among natural stone accessories.  It is loved by many people because of its beauty and energy believed to have healing properties harmonising body, mind and spirit. Agate is also believed to be one of the oldest healing stones on Earth; often used to promote strength and balance. It can have many different colour tones ranging from lighter shades to darker; you can find Agates with tons of orange, red, pink, blue, black, green, yellow, white, brown and purple.



Another popular stone is Topaz. Topaz is a stone that is said to bring love and good fortune. It is a relaxing stone that promotes the stabilisation of emotions and reception of love. It can be called ‘the crystal of potency’ because of its historical connection to the heavens and divine knowledge. Whether or not you believe that, the stone comes in a stunning variety of colours all of which have varying effects on the psyche (blue, white, pink, brown, yellow). 



Red Jasper is a grounding stone. It grounds mental and physical energies to create harmony. The origins of this stabilising stone come from India, Brazil, Germany, France and the United States. The red colour is due to varying amounts of potent iron within the mineral. This leads to the vibrant red colour that is said to calm emotions and help with physical healing. 



Chances are, if you have been in a beauty store anytime recently, you have seen a jade roller of some kind. Sometimes referred to as a ‘dream stone’, Jade symbolises both purity and serenity. It keeps the mind on the right path, while also bringing forth insight and inner peace. Jade is certainly the most balanced and stable healing stone.



Do you have a toxic friend? Can’t deal with the pollution in the air? Turquoise is said to be the answer! It has historic claims to purify the wearer against negative energy and physical pollution. It has become a symbol of friendship and romance due to these beliefs in its healing and stabilising qualities. This stone breeds communication, as it promotes healing and creative problem solving energies. Art is a large part of this stone’s benefits for it is a stone of creativity as well. 



Used for their cooling benefits in Roman times, Quartz has deep roots in personal healing (physical and spiritual). Quartz helps dispel negative feelings and promotes self awareness and positivity. The clear crystal amplifies energies, bringing forth the idea of positive thinking and self-love. Quartz can also be useful in Feng Shui through energy dispersal.



Baroque pearls are also referred to as irregular pearls. They do not take on the typical round shape, but a more ovoid (teardrop) structure. Despite not being a stone, the organic properties of it are still said to be highly spiritual. Promoting pure love, pearls are said to be a symbol for a happy marriage as they represent truth and loyalty.



Black lip oysters produce these stunning pearls that are said to be from a powerful Polynesian god who brought them down as a gift to his love. They represent undying affection and pure love. They are also great for promoting wisdom throughout life and especially in old age. This pearl is in it for the long haul, as its timeless aesthetic matches its timeless representations.


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