HULA Happenings #3, Sustainability book launch post event

by HULA , July 18, 2019

Thank you to all those who came the other night to this new book launch ‘ Sustainability In The Corporate World’. We had such a nice chat with two of the co-authors Ambika Behal and Loz Wong about their new book and dissecting the big topic of sustainability (the third author Carmen Taubman sadly couldn’t make the event, but was with us in community-spirit!) 

The main take-away was that the focus on corporate companies was key to act as a game-changer and also help lay a foundation for smaller companies and start-ups looking to grow – if a big company does something successfully, then they’re looking at it from the perspective that they can too.  Taking small steps to educate your workforce on the benefits of small things: less usage (e.g. paper), recycling, use of reusables for lunch and coffees etc. (our favourite one was to choose thinner fonts when printing so it uses less ink… who would’ve thought!). Most importantly, building a community is key as without that there is no movement – so let’s keep this conversation going guys!

If you missed this event, we have captured the interview on video at the end of this blog. To purchase this digital book you can do so via The Sustain Club (a club the co-authors run) or on Amazon for the Kindle version.

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Watch the full interview: