by HULA , July 4, 2019

A new (digital) book has launched from our very own turf ‘Sustainability In The Corporate World’. The word sustainability is everywhere right now.. is this a new trend, a new lifestyle, or just about ending plastic straws?! Some are finding it difficult to start or digest, whilst others are already getting ‘eco-anxiety’.

To break it down quite simply, sustainability means; the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level or avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. We have realised nowadays that the two go hand in hand. 

Hailed as the practical guide for real people by real people, this book helps to address not only some of the concepts behind creating a more sustainable workplace, but also how to engage colleagues and teams to pull together for a healthier, happier and more environmentally conscious way of working. Through three sections: Corporate, Community, and Communications, this is a practical, worksheet filled, user-friendly guide to get you started on creating a wider level of engagement through a series of sustainable best practices. 

Co-authors; Ambika Behal, Carmen Taubman and Lawrence Wong started out with setting up The Sustainability Club at the Fung Group. The positive reaction to the club got them talking about eco-friendly things such as; introducing air-friendly plant life, better recycling practices, bringing your own coffee mug etc, but also creating dialogue among colleagues over more complex issues: how to make packaging more sustainable without raising costs, how to influence suppliers to be more conscious of how their factories are operating? The concept just evolved naturally into this book, intended to be used as a guide for anyone curious of how to spark the conversation in their own work-spaces, anywhere from corporates to start-ups.

Come along to this HULA Happenings book launch with an exclusive interview with co-author Ambika Behal and enjoy 5% off the book on the night 🙂

Wed 17 July 2019
6-9 PM (interview 7PM)

5A Evergreen Industrial Mansion,
12 Yip Fat Street,
Wong Chuk Hang

Purchase the book on Amazon or directly at The Sustain Club.